Side story: Ruminas Valentine

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Ruminas Pov

Rimuru tells me to come tonight, so i have a day before join her.

I need to think about what to do, she is creating a monster nation and it is against my church. 'I don't want to fight her honestly.'

As i think sitting on my throne 'Ahh ! My fang hurt me, i want Rimuru magicule energy, am i that deseperate ?'

Night comes and i go to meet her.

I find her on a cliff looking at her village. 'Her eyes are so beautiful now i look closely.' she then look at me and smiles

Rimuru : Good evening Ruminas, come here.

I nodded as i approached, she let me see her neck as inviting me.   'I can't resist anymore ! My fang hurt even more !' I jump at her neck and bite her, after 5 minute, i let her go and look at her smile who went wider 'She was really inivitating me ?'

Rimuru : So Ruminas you have to pay a price to take my magicule you know.

Ruminas : What do you want ?

She walks up looking straight into my eyes

Rimuru : Come with me.

She said and stretch out her hand and i take it.

Suddently we are in another dimmension 'So she that strong, even Guy wouldn't able to do that.'

Rimuru : For today i want you to helps me when i need and i give you my magicule when you want, what do you think about this deal ?

She said but why do i feel so docile 'It's because of her magicul or her beauty ?'

When i was about to answer she said

Rimuru : Don't worry take your time to answer me but for now dress with this.

'So she give me the choice huh?' As i think she give a bunny costume 'Does she really want me to wear this ?'

Such an humiliation but i can't refuse now

After 5 minute i come back in this bunny girl costume and she smiles looking at me

Rimuru : you look beautiful, can you serve me some tea ?

Ruminas : Sure.

Rimuru : I really wanted to have a maid like you but the maid costume is too ordinary for me.

I have definitely lost my pride 'She totally have control over me...'

After 2 hours of talking and i playing the bunny maid she let me go.

Rimuru : You can take these clothes with you know.

Ruminas : No, it's not a good idea.

She just smiled and we teleported back to the cliff and i go back to Ruberios but my heart sped up a bit thinking of her.

'When i tease Hinata, Does she felt like me right now ?'

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