Chap 3 part 2: Dwargon

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King Gazel Pov

Henrietta tells me that the target she's supposed to be watching found her and ask to speak with me, and with Vesta complaining against Kaijin 'Ah ! I'm out of luck !'

But now i think that it's terrifying, the girl or the deity in front of me is not human, with my skill i can see the hidden power of someone but her 'i can't even feel or see anything but the aura around her is overhelming ! Vesta did you really try to fight this monster ?'

Rimuru : Hello, King Gazel

King Gazel : Hello, miss who might you be ?

I can't let her see my weakness as the king i must protect my people and kingdom.

Rimuru : My name is Rimuru Tempest and if you don't mind i want to go straight to the point.

King Gazel : No don't worry, so miss tempest who can i help you?

At that point a barrier surrounded the room, but i did not sense any bad intentions so i let it be.

Rimuru : I want you to help Kaijin and the 3 brothers.

I was a little suprised but do not let it show. 'Why would she want that ? And i can tell that she not seems a bad person but i really can't see trough her.'

Then she told me her plan about the creation of a city of monsters where humans and monsters can coexist.

King Gazel : Very well I'll help you.

After saying that she smiles and pulls out a blue jewel out of nowhere and give it to me, she told me that a full potion and then proposed an alliance when her town reach the scale of a country and i naturally agrees, but what happen next give me cold in my spine.

Rimuru : And don't even try to betray me !

She said with her aura invading the room. 'Trully terrifying'

Rimuru Pov

Ciel told me that he was trustwhosty but i don't know him, i'm making a little treat, realizing a percentage of my true dragon haki and with that i unfold my barrier and go waiting for tomorrow's trials.

At the trial begin, Kaijin and the brother arrive 'Mmh they are not concerned or anything, they trust me so much' i smiled internally

After sometime Vesta went in with bandage on his head.

Finally King Gazel arrives and sits on his throne.

'So it's time to teleport in huh' as i think, i teleport next to Kaijin and all the guards point their weapons at me and i can hear whisper

'Hmm ? I guess is normal i despised their king in public.' But king Gazel activated his Hero haki and shut everyone down.

King Gazel : Shut up ! She's my guest here.

No one dares speak out against the king and the trials then continu with Vesta continue with her false accusation.

'It's getting annoying'

Rimuru : Oy ! Are you really a prime minister because your bullshit sucks !

All look at me now like i'm an alien and the guards are ready to use their weapon, but back after i activating my own Hero haki who suprised everyone even King Gazel

King Gazel : Stop all of you ! Miss Tempest, do you have any evidence ?

I just nodded i put an orb which projects a sreen with Vesta aggression being he his face turned pale.

Rimuru : Look at this Vesta ! that a good and real proof.

Vesta is flushed with rage but before he can speak, the king stood up and interrupted him

King Gazel : I've seen enough, Kaijin and the 3 brothers are judged innocent !

Putting his judgment the king leave and Kaijin and the brothers are now innocent and free.

After he leave, i went outside with Kaijin and the brother.

Rimuru : So Kaijin, do you still want to come with me ?

Kaido : Yes ! I promise you Rimuru-sama loyalty.

Rimuru : And you ?

The 3 brother looked at each other and nodded

The 3 : We will follow Kaijin !

My mission is finished now with that they finish to pack their things and stuff and i teleport them to the village.

They are shocked and after they calm down, i give them their task.

'Later i have to call Velzard and ask het to come and visit veldora, they will be happy to see each other' i smile

King Gazel Pov

After the trials, Vesta is now in front of me and looks down probably in shame 'Ah ! Even i feel stupid to have faith in him'

King Gazel: Vesta, do you know what i'm thinking right now ?

Vesta : No my liege.

I took the full potion and give it to him. 'This will be a good lessons for him'

King Gazel : This is a full potion that Rimuru gaves me, it's made up of 99 percent of hypokute herbs.

Vesta : Wh-what even the highest potion produced in Dwargon is at 98 percent !

King Gazel : Vesta you disappoint me don't shows your face in front of me for now !

After Vesta leaves i call Henrietta and ask her to go and watch this Rimuru.

King Gazel : Go watch over her and don't hide, she will only find you and our kingdom may be doomed.

She nodded and left. 'I hope she really want to live in peace'

Vesta Pov

I'm so pathetic i just wanna be of service to my king but now i can't even see him. 'What i have done?'

Flashback and after remember his childhood and how he admiring the king.

Some tears started to roll down his face.

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