Chap 7: Lizardmen and dryad

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Shizue Pov

This village is so peaceful but that will change soon.
There this orc story but with Rimuru-san everything is fine.

I am now with Shuna making some clothes 'I like that.'

I was making a new design when Rimuru-san suddently came

Rimuru : Hey, how are you doing ?

Shuna : We are doing fine, hehe.

Shizue : Yes it's difficult at first but it's fine now.

She just smiled and Rigurd comes to signal that some lizardmen wishes to speak with the leader of the village and i was curious so i ask if i can come, which she naturally accepts.

On the road, Benimaru, Hakurou and Shion joins us.

When we arrive, a bunch of lizardmen are doing an choreography ?

And one of the lizardman, probably the leader of the group come out jumping in front of us 'It's dramatical.'

Gabiru : My name is Gabiru, i accept you in my army be honored

All of us : Huh?!

And his subordinate started to praise him like he's is a god but his magical enrgy is low even compared to an B class monster.

Subordinate 1 : Remember this man, he is the next leader of the lizardman tribe

He is prideful, i look at the other Benimaru and Shion seem to be going to exterminate them and Hakurou just look at them with is eyes closed.

Rimuru-san looks at them then at me and smiles 'So cute !'

Rimuru : Shizu, will you show them how strong we are.

Shizue : Uh!

I was puzzled 'I don't fight too much here but if it can help Rimuru-san, then i do it !'

As we spoke Gabiru continues his speech

Gabiru : You weakling, weakling, wea-weakling.

He then turn to his surbordinate 'Calling some Kijin weakling is really stupid.'

Gabiru : Didn't you say that it's a Goblin village here

Shbordinate 2 : Yes there is no doubt about that.

Gabiru : Ahem, i heard someone tamed the direwolf, come here i will make him an officer

Now i wanna to kill him myself 'He's so pretentious !'

Rimuru : I was the one who supposed tamed the direwolf

Gabiru : Hahaha ! Don't joke around a mere human can't tame the direwolf

At that moment my blood boils and i rushed at him putting my sword on his neck, he looks scared now and after releasing my aura he falls on the ground unconsious. 'Pathetic !'

His subordinates are shocked, they pick him and leave quickly saying that they will come back.

Rimuru Pov

After this little show 'Shizu is very scary when she wants!'

I will held a meeting later because Gabiru spoke of an army of orcs that will attack the lake of the lizardmen.

Today was special for sure 'Ciel told me to evoid any attempt of Shion cooking because i can die of it.' is that bad ?

Rimuru : (Ne Ciel ? I am a god, how simple food can kill me ?)

Ciel : (Master really don't want to know.)

'Well it's that dangerous ?' well i don't need to eat, so it's not a problem.

Hakurou trained with the goblin and Benimaru, they progress very fast.

Shuna and Shizu become very good friend and makes clothes together and Shion looks around the village with Souei.

But now the orc and the orc lord it's a problem, not that i can't kill them but i don't know how.

Ciel : (Master must be as cool as possible during the fight.)

Rimuru : (I want but how ?)

Ciel : (Just be yourself and let me do !)

Now i'm sitting in a chair with Shizu next to me and all of my executive is in front of me.

Rimuru : So let the meeting start ! Do anyone know anything about these orcs ?

Benimaru : Rimuru-sama, maybe it's an orc lord.

'Eh ? he knew the orc lord. No it's an supposition so he his not certains.' and we talked about some information on the orc lord, but Souei stood up

Souei : Rimuru-sama, someone contacted me via a clone and requested a meeting with you.

Rimuru : Tell her to come.

I already sense her when the meeting started 'It's a dryad.' as i think a girl with green hair appears on the table.

Treini : Greeting master of the monster, my name is Treini and i would like to ask you to kill the orc lord.

Treini Pov

I finally meet the master of the monster and she is overhelming me with her aura calm but also intense 'It's like i'm in front of Veldora-sama but a stronger aura of dominance is around her.'

I asked her to eliminate the orc lord, and she just smiles and agrees 'She doesn't doubt me?' Even this red haired kijin was suspicious.

I then sit between a dwarf and a hobgoblin to listen their meeting.

Shuna : may i add something ?

Rimuru : Yes Shuna !

Shuna : Souei do you find it in our village ?

The blue haired kijin just shook his head, and Shuna looked down 'So they talked about the unique skill Starving and the corpse.'

Souei : Neither ours nor the ennemy.

This Rimuru seems to have understood and spoke

Rimuru : Are you talking about the corpses ?

They nodded

Rimuru: It's the skill Starving. You eat someone and gain their power.

They all look digusted, but i am suprised that this being is strong and has information like us dryads in this forest.

'Is one of her skill help her gather informations ?'

The meeting continues and Rimuru asked Souei to leaves and form an alliance with the true chief of the lizardman.

After meeting this Rimuru 'I am certain now, everything will be fine.'

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