Chap 21: Farmuth « war »

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Benimaru Pov

I gathered all of our army after reporting the plan to Rimuru-sama.

Benimaru : We are all ready Rimuru-sama.

Rimuru : Good, i will open a gate in the barrier.

She then walked and touched the Holy barrier.

Rimuru : Now bring us the victory !

All : Hai !!

'Something tell me that Rimuru-sama can destroy this barrier on her own and she let us fight for us to become stronger.' but this is just a intuition.

We then all started to went to our destination 'This fight will be quickly finished.'

Rimuru Pov

I'm in my office right now waiting the report of my subordinates 'It's been 20 minute since they went to take down the four devices who maintain this barrier.'

I thought and a few second later, the holy barrier broke down and i call everyone to return in Tempest and wait.

I then went toward the main army to summon Veldora and Velkia.

On the road i sensed Ruminas near 'Hm ? Why is she here ? I will see after unleashing Veldora.' i am now looking at the army, they are drinking,eating and enjoying themself 'It's looks like they understimate us.'

I then take out Veldora of my imaginary space.

Rimuru : Yosh ! Veldora, it's your turn.

Verdora : Leave it to me nee-san !

I looked at Velkia and she nodded 'I really wish that she sill not be influenced by her father.'

Veldora then transformed into his dragon form, Velkia stayed in herhuman form and flew beside him.

Now i can see the face of the soldier turning into horror 'It's pretty funny to see.' now i need to talk to Ruminas.

I teleported near her and watch her playing with a little beastman 'Ruminas also like to play with some cute girl, not that i dislike this personality of her.'

Rimuru : Oy ! Ruminas you know bullying someone weaker is not good.

Ruminas : Ara, you are not the best to speak in this situation you know.

I looked at her, she has a slight blush 'It's really cute.'

I then looked at the lycanthrope and told her to leave 'Her name is Foss, she is a subordinate of Carrion, if i remember correctly.'

After she left, i approached Ruminas while she just stare at me.

Rimuru : Well Ruminas why are you here ? You can directly come to me if you miss me you know.

Ruminas : Well i can't deny that but this time i came here to see these foolish knights getting destroyed.

Rimuru : Oh ? So you will not do anything, some of them are knight of your chruch you know.

Ruminas : It's only natural, who in their right mind will attack you and i don't care about them, these ignorant fool are getting into despair on their own.

'This cold personnality is really cute on her, i want to make her my pillow and hug her, too bad we are on war.' i was thinking and remember that she hold a grudge against Veldora.

Rimuru : That aside do you want to come and watch them with me ?

She nodded and follow me to the side of the battlefield, we can see Veldora just tanking the weak attack of these human.

The moment Ruminas saw Veldora, she clicking her tongue in disgust 'Veldora really messed up with her.'

After a few moment, Veldora lost his patience, launching an Storm blast and blowed the entire army 'Well it was pretty ridiculous, this battle is a shame himself.' before he shot his attack Ciel put an Barrier around the king leaving him horified and he pissed himself 'It's gross.'

There also this Harpy who has been watching the entire fight 'Ciel told me that she is Clayman subordinate, so i don't need to let her live.' i thought and just kill her before she even have the time to react.

Veldora then come to me.

Veldora : Look nee-san, i did a good job !

Rimuru : Yes, yes you did well.

He look hesitant now 'Do he need something ?'

Rimuru : Do you need something ?

Veldora : Well if it's possible can you give me the next volume of this sacred text !

I facepalmed 'He really became an otaku now ? Well i will really educate him later, i will also call Velzard and Velgirnd to help me.' i took a manga and gave it to him.

We then returned to Tempest and i invited Ruminas, she naturally accepted and tonight we will have feast for the victory 'Well it's was not even a battle, truly a war of shame.' and for the king of Falmuth, i put him with the other prisoners in jail.

And now i was thinking about a good reward for my subordinate and decided to give some skill to them 'Basically just an weaker demon lord awakening gift without the evolution sleep.' they all became stronger and thanked me.

At night come the feast start, i let Ruminas take a walk in the castle garden 'She dislike the crowled ambiance after all.' and she loved the beautiful catle of Tempest.

Later Elen and her party come here in a hurry and panicking, after explaining everything to them, they join us and sat down with everyone.

There also the habitant of Eurazania 'Milim, what did you do !' i will think about it later.

I looked at all of my subordinate and take a glass lifting my arm.

Rimuru : You all did a good job today, now drink, eat and enjoyed yourself !!

Everyone : Yeah !

They all start to cheer up and i just drink a little before leaving them 'I need to call Shizu and take the kid here.' i will spend my time with Shizu and Chloe after all of these event finished.

But now that i think, Chloe is the student of Shizu and Shizu is the student of Chronoa who is Chloe herself, it's confusing so they both are teacher and student of each other 'Pretty ironic.'

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