Chap 19: City Battle

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Carrera Pov

I am currently walking around Tempest with Ultima 'This city is really beautiful, well it's normal when someone like my master create it !'

We walked pattroling when we heard a scramble.

Kirara : Ahhh ! Why are you touching my butt !

Gobuzo : Euh ? I didn't.

Kirara : Stop lying !

She was obviously lying 'Who are they ?' i looked at the two human behind her.

Ultima : Do we arrest her ?

Carrera : No we wait and look this goblin is managing the situation well.

She looked at the scene and there is this goblin 'This goblin is strong for a mere Hobgoblin.'

The scene continued with this human girl who continue to embarrased herself 'Pitiful.'

Then she activate a skill.

Kirara : You all die !

Shogo : Well there done.

Kyoka : Yes it was pretty fast.

'This girl, how dare she use that type of skill here in this peaceful city !' when she use it Shuna come stopping the skill.

She was walking with Shion beside her, we then teleport behind her 'Only the highter executive know about us and Shuna is the one who manage the political affair when Rimuru-sama is not here.'

Ultima : Shuna do we kill them ?

Shuna : No, we will kick them out of the country.

I simply listen them talk and look at the human who wore an disgusting smile 'This man will die soon if he contiue this smile.'

Shuna : You where going to use a skill who allow you to send a command and force someone to obey you right.

The human girl fall on her knee 'So this was her trump card ? Patetic.'

But the guy behind her take a step toward us.

Shuna : This type of skill is not allowed here, please leave this country you are not welcomed here !

Shoga : Oh ? Is this who you greet someone here, let me have fun too.

He wore again this disgusting smile and lustful eyes 'Shuna is actually one of our superior, because Rimuru-sama told us to hide our presence and didn't really give us order.' she just told us to protect the city and listen to the executive for now, so the safety of Shuna is one of the most important thing right now.

Carrera : You will die for being too direspecful !

Shogo : Oh ? You want to have fun you too ? I will make you mine while you will beging me ! 

'This b*tch will die for sure !' i through but sensed an human army coming straight toward the entrance of the town 'Approximatively a hundred of soldier.'

I looked at Ultima and she nodded 'Diablo and Testarossa will not intervient from there aura who are still far away.'

Ultima then teleport away after telling Shuna the situation.

I looks at these humans in front of me and we started to fight 'Weakling, can't even make a good punch.'

Carrera : Are you that weak ?

Shogo : Shut up !

He shouted and continue to attack me throwing his fist toward me 'Even my weakest subordinate can kill easily him, well all of our subordinate are Archdemon after Rimuru-sama named them.'

The fight continued, well it's more a play than a fight, i looked at Shion who fight this swordman and she have the advantage.

But then an Holy barrier started to form around the city 'So they want to weaken us, it's useless on us with the blessing of Rimuru-sama Void god allow us to resist to all type of magic.'

Shuna : Change of plan ! Nii-sama told us to capture them alive, Rimuru-sama will take care of them herself !

We all nodded 'These lowlife will able to meet Rimuru-sama, it's a shame !'

We then proceed to capture them while their faces begin to become more lifeless 'It's satisfying.'

Ultima Pov

I went to the entrance leaving Carrera 'I am angry right now because they dare attack this city who is created by Rimuru-sama herself !' i will gave them a death full of pain.

I waited them when i saw this Holy barrier 'Too bad, it won't work' i though while looking at the army coming

Folgen : We are the cavalry of the great kingdom of Falmuth and we will purge these monster !

Soldier : Yeah !!

I stand in front of them and release my aura stopping them, the horse are all shaking 'This is there army ? So weak.' even if i want to imediatly kill them, i have to warn them.

Ultima : Hello, sorry but can you go back ? We don't want to kill some low life humans.

Folgen : What are you ?!

He is scared 'Well there no point to chat more.' i start to walk toward them while cutting off the recording tool the dwarve gave 'It's pretty useful to have some proof.'

They all look really scared.

Folgen : Don't be scared ! We have to kill you monster to have peace ! Attack !!

They all charged at me but i kill them all with just physical attack 'They are too weak ! It's boring.' But there this man who just lose consious.

He must be the general because he was giving order 'If i capture him alive, will Rimuru-sama praise me ?' i thought and smiled

Diablo Pov

There are two army who came toward Tempest, one with approximatively 20000 man 'This must be the main army.' and there a cavalry of 100 soldiers rushing directly toward the city.

Testarossa : I think Ultima and Carrera will take care of them.

Diablo : Well there are Rimuru-sama subordinate after all, they can't lose to simple humans.

She looked at me and adverted her gaze toward the forest.

I was about to do the same but Rimuru-sama contacted us.

Rimuru : « Diablo, Testarossa come back to the town in some hours and prepared a report about the situation in coming. »

Diablo : « Yes Rimuru-sama »

Testarossa : « This will be done. »

We nodded and started doing our task 'Ah ! It's such a pleasure to serving the supreme being !'

Testarossa Pov

Rimuru-sama is really incredible 'She is able to create such a beautiful town and manage to control so many different race at the same time.' i choose to serve her because she beat me and her strength is out of this world but also because she ressemble Blanche.

And now a human nation try to invade us 'I will not let them do and this time protect what is dear to me.'

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