Side story: Hinata and Chloe trip

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Chloe Pov

We finally reached the end of our trip, and many things happened.

Rimuru-sensei sent us to when i started my journey as an adventurer, i then made many good action and gained a name, the one of the Unknown Hero.

Later i meet Ruminas Valentine, i told her about my time travel and after a big talk, she believed me 'Well it was not our first meeting.'

I then let Hinata-nee fight Veldora and she won easily 'The training she go through was atleast 1000 time harder than fighting Veldora.'

She also evolved into a True Hero during our journey.

After saving and helping Shizu-sensei, we leaved her so she can meet Rimuru-sensei later 'Ah ! I forgot, during all this time we have a clone of Rimuru-sensei with us, who will start to create a nation at the same time to when she create her nation in the original timeline.' so the two timeline will not be different.

I was also scoled by Hinata-nee to be a little too cold to Shizu-sensei 'It's not my fault ! She didn't know Rimuru-sensei yet and the Shizu-sensei i know is confident and openly flirt with my sensei !' so it's normal for me to show my superiority !

With that i started to transfer my soul into the body of me child and lost my memory 'I will be summoned by Yuuki soon.'

Hinata Pov

Chloe went into her body when she was summoned and left me.

During ou trip, i learn more about this kid 'She have a incredible will power.' but her devotion for Rimuru is way too big, she can probably kill anyone just for her love.

'She even scared me a little.' now i am alone with a clone who don't speak too much, i went toward Ruberios, i have to transfer my own soul into my original body and let Ruminas take care of this body.

I talked to her a last time and use the power of Chronoa.

When i opened my eyes, i saw Ruminas-sama.

Ruminas : Ara, wake up, you taked your time you know.

Hinata : My time ? How long as passed since ?

Ruminas : 29 days from the days you were sent to the past.

'Eh ? So long.' i then looked at the coffin and saw Chloe wake up.

At the same moment Rimuru come in.

Rimuru : Finally wake up ?

She said and was greeted with a bear hug from an adult Chloe 'Her body is perfect, i was in so i know it.' her proportion are perfect, even for me, i was a little jealous.

Rimuru : Geez Chloe, you become quite bold.

Chloe : It's not my fault if i missed you.

I was about to speak but shut up because of an cold aura.

Ruminas-sama was smiling but her smile was really terrifying 'Euh, why are you all so obsess with her.'

Ruminas Pov

As much i love Chloe, she went too far.

Ruminas : Ara ara, Chloe you are taking your time for this hug.

Chloe : Eh ? Not really, i always see you try to flirt with sensei, so my hug is not really long.

'This brat.' first Shizu and now Chloe, do she want a fight ? 

Ruminas : Oh ? You want to start a war ?

Chloe : A war ? Even so i am confident that i will win !

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