Chap 29: Divine Punishment

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Rimuru Pov

Shizu and Hinata finally calm down and separate.

When Hinata saw Ruminas here, her eyes widened but she recovered quickly.

I told Shizu about the knight upcoming 'I don't want her to scold me again.' and told her that all is fine, and ask her to go and watch over the kids.

Rimuru : So Hinata, do want to come with me ?

Hinata : These Knights are from the church, i have to take a part of the responsability.

Ruminas : You were not that serious when you hugged that Shizu.

She blushed and looked away 'Tsundere.'

Rimuru : We will go when they enter the forest.

They nodded and we sat down, i also have a question for Ruminas 'Chloe told me about her real body or something like that.' and Ruminas have to know more about it.

Rimuru : Ruminas, do you know something about the body of the hero who sealed Veldora.

She looked at me, a little shocked.

Ruminas : Yes but why ask that ?

Rimuru : You know, this Hero is one of my student.

Ruminas : Really !

She almost stood up 'A panicked Ruminas is cute too.' time to tease her.

I get up and walk toward her, my face is now next to her.

She started to blush and Hinata looked away.

Rimuru : Ne Ruminas-chan, why don't tell me everything you know.

I say seductively in her ear, i can see her body flinched.

And when i bit her ear, some smoke comes out of her head 'Kawai !'

Rimuru : So what's your answer.

Ruminas : I-i, pease stop that, i will tell everything i know.

I smiled and her blush grew bigger, Hinata is still looking away.

I then backed up and returned on my seat.

Ruminas : I just know where is her real body and that she went into the past to change the world, her real body is actually in Ruberios, hidden in the sacred montain.

Rimuru : Oh ? So can i see the body later.

Ruminas : Sure, actually Ruberios is yours now.

I nodded and patted her head 'She a good girl even if she is a demon lord and vampire queen.'

Hinata : Please do this when you are alone.

Rimuru : Ara, are you jealous ?

Hinata : No !

She has her own charm too.

I was about to tease her but sensed the Kinghts enter the Forest.

Rimuru : It's time.

Ruminas : I see, can i ask you to just start the fight please.

Rimuru : Why not, you have a plan right.

She nodded and we all get up, i take Hinata with me and Ruminas hide near us.

'A cheeky vampire, huh.' i grinned.

We soon arrived in front of them.

Rimuru : It seem that 4 people are hiding in the back.

Hinata : Yes, they are probably part of the Clergy.

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