Chap 8: Orc battle

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Rimuru Pov

Souei succeeds in making an alliance with the lizardman but Ciel told me that Gabiru is going to make a rebellion and take the power over his tribe. 'He is more stupid than i trought but these clown looks funny.'

So we will leaving in 2 days instead of 7.

Shizu also wants to come. 'How do i resists to such a cute person !'

So i'm going to take the kijin minus Shuna and Kurobe and the goblin rider.

Also Ranga and Raiga will protect Shizu if she needs. 'She don't have a total control over on her new power.'

And finally i will personally slaughter the Orc lord.

Rimuru : Are you all ready !

All : Hai Rimuru-sama !!

And we start our road to the lake Shisu.

On the road, Souei told me that Gabiru will arrive a few hours after us. 'Ah ! I almost forgot, i need to meet the chief before all.'

I then teleported first to meet the chief, leaving the command to Benimaru and Shizu.

Chief Pov

I was thinking about the orc while waiting the arrival of our allies in 5 days, but suddently a woman with blue-silver hair teleports in front of me alerting the guards who pointed their weapon but she actived her aura and no one can move. 'Is she this Rimuru ?'

Rimuru : Hello her ! Well normally you already know me.

Chief : Ar-are you the master of Souei-dono ?

Rimuru : Yes it's me Rimuru Tempest.

Chief : What are you doing here ? Souei-dono told me that you will come in 5 days now.

Rimuru : Well, i'm here for another purpose.

I raised an eyebrow but his aura silenced me.

She then showed me proof of Gabiru's betrayal and the disrepect he showed to this God.

'He really put us in a bad situation, if this being wanted, our tribe will be destroyed.'

After making a deal, 'We will take care of Gabiru and they will take the Orc lord.Huh particulary good for us.' i naturally agree.

After a while, some goblins, kijins and a human come.

'This Human is strong, even her can kill all of us probably !'

The plan we made was succeful and Gabiru was imprisoned when he tried his rebellion.

Then in 5 days they will fight against the orc.

Shizu Pov

5 days as passed and now is the day of the battle.

I asked to come because i want to be stronger, 'I don't want to lose anything anymore and regret again !'

Rimuru-san give me a second chance and i don't want to waste it, she said she will save the kid sometime soon. 'I need to helps him too !'

Gabiru is in prison rethinking what he was about to does, after seeing the aura of the Orc lord, he gulped in fear and admitted his fault.

We are now watching the orc army. 'There are so many, it's like a human army with these armor.'

Rimuru : Let's go, you can go all out okay !

She said and we all nodded and rushed in the battlefield. 'The kijin are so strong !'

Benimaru use is black flame and form a dome of fire burning everything in his range, Hakurou use is sword skill 'He sure is a sword saint, we spar sometimes but i never win but i come sometimes to hit him.' Shion use her strength 'It's terrifying.'

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