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Utopian Flaw (LGBT) by HikariMelody
Utopian Flaw (LGBT)by Camille
Andre Davis is your regular seventeen year old boy. He has two best friends, a girlfriend, and goes to school. Well, he's not quite normal for he's super rich and is cru...
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Safe & Sound (Bubbline ,Adventure Time) by BlackButlers
Safe & Sound (Bubbline ,Adventure...by ❝Kitty & Foxy ♡❞
"Till death do us apart"
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Yuri on Ice by Gonza00096
Yuri on Iceby Miyo21
Fotos, memes, frases y mas
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Natalia Kills by xanpath
Natalia Killsby xanpath
Being a leaders girlfriend can have its perks, especially if your suicidal. Meet Noel she's a hot mess running from her past when she meets Natalia. A girl who has prob...
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Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Shake it Out by queen-historia
Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Shake i...by Queen Historia Reiss
Five friends, one major problem. New student Homura Akemi recently moved to America from Japan. At first, everything seems to be going well for Homura: she makes four ne...
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There has to be Light for there to be Darkness by Ender-Prince
There has to be Light for there to...by Xaviar Avians
Shadows threaten to consume the land. It's up to a pair of twins born of light and dark light to help stop the coming darkness. Will they stop it in time or will the sha...
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| Set me free ~ into the new world | by fluttering-heart
| Set me free ~ into the new world...by fluttering-heart
In a world where the wind doesn't blow and plants don't grow, Taeyeon searches for that blade of grass. While everything is in chaos and everyone fends for themselves...
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Noite de Inverno by shynlazypotato
Noite de Invernoby shynlazypotato
Erwin, a operadora de rádio do StuG III, tem evitado Yukari Akiyama, municiadora do Panzer IV. Cansada da desconversa da garota, Yukari resolve agir de outra abordagem.
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Girls Love by Lyv_Nation
Girls Loveby WangWang
A compilation of G×G one-shots ________________________ "Why do you want to be friend with someone like me?" "Because I don't know you, I want to get to k...
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AOT/SNK Oneshots! by penguin_wif_potato
AOT/SNK Oneshots!by cadet_penguin
《Requests》 [] Open! [✔] Closed, busy. All pictures/videos/other media that are used, including the cover, belong to their rightful owners (unless stated otherwise) w...
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New thing(Neymar Jr love story) by Bumbaluu
New thing(Neymar Jr love story)by Bumbaluu
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Mini Shots! by CheeryCupcakeOliver
Mini Shots!by Rynne!
Mini One shots!
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Kid x Phoenix by UsernamesRntImportnt
Kid x Phoenixby Alexandria
Death the Kid waits for a new student to arrive. Is the new student a boy or a girl? Lord Death has a plan for his son, who could never get a girlfriend. (Who knows why)...
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All night in Heaven Book (Request Are Open) by wolfgal2323
All night in Heaven Book (Request...by wolfgal2323
I'm recreating something I made from my Quotev account that I deleted, but anyway you can request from the list {I will be updating the list when I watch some new anime...
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Reviews With Evelyn by Daughter-OfAres
Reviews With Evelynby Evelyn and Clarisse
Hey! This is a book where I will be reviewing various Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfictions on Wattpad and Fanfiction.net! They will also be in the YGO-Magazine Favourite Fanfiction art...
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The Princess and The Assassin by RebelRocker15
The Princess and The Assassinby Riley Woods
Princess Kasumi was to marry a retched Duke of a neighboring kingdom. But an assassin attacks the day of her wedding, severely injuring the duke and causing the princess...
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Their Story by thegayflannel
Their Storyby thegayflannel
This is the story of how they fell in love. This is the story of their pain and suffering. This is the story of how she died, and this is Their Story. Modern Highschool...
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Yuri Fluff One-Shots (GirlxGirl) by RandomRainbowKitten
Yuri Fluff One-Shots (GirlxGirl)by AwkwardKitten
WaRnInG: This book obviously contains yuri (girlxgirl) fluff. If you have not realized that and/or have a problem with or disliking towards this for whatever reason: Sim...
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Perfect Love~YangxBlake Fanfic by MochiKitten
Perfect Love~YangxBlake Fanficby MochiKitten
"Red Like Roses Fills My Dreams And Brings Me To The Place You Rest" <3 Blake And Yang Fanfic <3
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Ymir and Christa (Lesbian Story) by Alvoss
Ymir and Christa (Lesbian Story)by Alvoss
soooo this is like my favorite OTP thus I make a fan fiction, hope you enjoy
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