Chap 2: Goblin and wolves

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Rimuru Pov

I finally get out of the cave, on the road i killed all the monster that attack me and absorb them along whith all the herb and ore that Ciel ask me with the help of Azathot.

Then i sensed some adventurer 'an elf?' I just ignore it and walk deep in the forest.

Ciel asked me to release some of my aura and so i just do it.

Goblin 1: Oh ! Strong one what are you doing here?

They asked scared

Rimuru : Nothing just walking around, what are you doing here ?

Goblin 2 : oh great one can you help us please

Ciel : (you can go with them master)

Rimuru : very well i will come with you lead the way !

After some walk, we got to a village and i met the elder who explain the situation to me.

Then Ciel told me to help them so i healed the injured and they all started to look at me like i am a godness 'well i guess i am...'.

Now that i think 'Velzard is the frost dragon, Veldanava is the star king dragon and me what i am what type?'

I think a while and 'I guess Void dragon is good hehehe.'

Now night has come and i can sense the wolf coming.

Alpha wolf : Woooo!! Destroy them ! Don't let even one escape alive.

As he said, a lone figure with blue-silver hair appears and begin strowking the alpha wolf like he is just a pet.

Rimuru : Oh! Your fur so fluffy!

All the wolves are shocked even the leader can't even move.

Alpha wolf : Wh-who are you ?

Rimuru : Ah me ? Well i am the master of these goblins.

Suddenly a wolf jumped at me to bite my head but was instantly vanished into the air.

Shocking even more the wolves.

Rimuru : So i want you to be under me and become my subordinate

I said and release some of my aura, it scared all of them.

The alpha wolf seems to think for a few moments and finally speak

Alpha wolf : we promise our eternal loyalty to our new master

He said bowing and all the wolves followed.

And with this a new tribe joins us.

The next morning all the wolves and goblins is gathered in front of me.

Rimuru : So the elder goblin and the alpha wolf come here.

Both : Yes Rimuru-sama.

Rimuru : I will name you two first.

They have shocked expression but do not speak

Rimuru : You elder will be Rigurd and for now you are the goblin lord!

Rigurd : Thank you Rimuru-sama ! I will live by this name !

Rimuru : And you will be Raiga, continue to lead your comrade.

Raiga : Yes my master !

Ciel : (Master, the son of Raiga as a very high potential, you can name him yourself)

Rimuru : (Oh? Then i name it.)

Ciel: (Master is greedy)

Rimuru : (Eh! Did you say something?)

Ciel : (Nothing...)

Rimuru : And Raiga take your son here please.

After a few minute Raiga come with him 'he look like his father but with a scar on his head)

Rimuru : For now you will be Ranga.

Ranga : Yes ! I am honored to have your blessing my queen.

With that they returned in their rank, now i walk in fornt of everyone and face all of them.

Rimuru : i will name all you now !

They all cheered up and i start

Rimuru : (Please Ciel)

Ciel : (auto-name start : all will be gived the blessing : Void God, they will have skill according to their personnality and like)

With that the voice of the world start giving them name and skill.

They were all shocked but now are bowing to me.

Rimuru : Raise your head now

They all do 'It's sastifying to see that! Hehe'

Rimuru : i will fix 3 rules that you have to follow

I said with my god haki to which they all look at me more attentively 'it's become very embarrasing now ! These rule are from Ciel for her story, so i just need to repeat'

Rimuru : First do not look down on other race, Second not fight among yourself and lastly do not attack human if is no need.

After some questions, i set them in duo and they went to patrol and do their daily routine and Ranga was assigned to me.

'The goblin can't build a house ? Euh if i remember their a dwarf kingdom, i shall pay them a visit.'

I give them a visite tomorow, i smile 'My first visit in a country of this world, don't disapoint me.'

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