Chap 13: Adventure

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Milim Pov

Last night was so fun-noda, they held a festival to celebrate the victory and there so much food i don't know 'Rimuru is the best aunt-noda !'

But Clayman want to kill her 'I will not let him do it and i don't think he has the power but there is someone behind him im sure-noda.'

I will investigate him 'And if i do a good job Rimuru will praise me !'

Milim : Rimuru i have to go now.

Rimuru : Oh Why ?

She was a little sad 'she really love me hehe.'

Milim : I have some work to do as a Demon lord-noda !

Rimuru : Well i can't keep you forever, just come here visit me some time okay.

Milim : Yes !

I said and fly away toward Frey territory.

Rimuru Pov

A week has passed after Milim departure and today we are going to save the child !

'I can teleport us but i want to experiment the adventure so Shizu and me will be solo.'

I gather the executive and tell them what i'm planning.

Rimuru : Today i'm going to Ingracia with Shizu for some personal.

They start to complain 'What did i do ?'

Benimaru : But Rimuru-sama please let one of us accompany you.

Shuna : Yes it's wiser.

Raiga : Yes my queen !

Rimuru : No, i already have Shizu with me !

They continue their argument but eventually calm down 'Honestly, i don't think anyone can beat me in this world.'

Rimuru : Don't worry about me but you have to keep the city safe while i'm away, i'm counting on you all !

They nodded and dismissed 'It was pretty difficult, more than dealing with Charibris.'

Rimuru : It's time.

Shizue : Yes ! I am so excited.

Rimuru : Eto, we have 1 week of travel alone to get to Ingracia.

As i said, Shizu blushed very hard' it's cute.'

Rimuru : Oh ? You excited to travel with me ?

I tease her but she slowly nodded and my smile went wider.

We then take our stuff and made our way toward Ingracia but first we go to Brunmund 'I have a meeting with the king and i also want to see the guild.'

The travel was easy and fun, Shizu was a former A rank adventurer after all.

Shizue Pov

We started our journey and it's was so fun, i was travelling alone before so i don't really know  the feeling of traveling in group, during the travel i started to love Rimiru-san even more 'She is so kind to me.'

We are now 1 day before arriving at Brunmund and it's night time, we sleep in a couch that was produced in Tempest, i was about to sleep when Rimuru-san come closer and put her head on my shoulder, i started to panick

Shizue : Eh!? Rimuru-san what are you doing ?

Rimuru : Remember Shizu, you are mine so i want you to be my pillow tonight

I blushed really hard 'How can i sleep now !' but when i saw her sleeping face i calmed down and smile.

Shizue : How can she be so cute.

Rimuru : You are more cuter than me you know.

Shizue : Oops, i said it loud hehe.

She nodded without open her eyes and we slowly fall in sleeping 'One of my best night.'

We finally arrives at Brunmund and we first went to the guild 'Rimuru-san want to passes the test but it's a little useless, she is a catastrophe calss monster after all.'

We went in the guild and see Elen with her party.

Elen : Hey Shizu it's been a long time !

Shizue : Hello Helen, yes it's been some time.

We speak a little and went to see Rimuru-san passe the test, She easily passed the D and C rank, the examinator then start to summon a lesser demon, i could see Rimuru-san smile under my mask as i trought she cut the demon destroying his soul and finishing the test 'It was quick.'

But Fuze arrive very angry and shouted.

Fuze : You all !! Go back to your work ! And Rimuru-dono please come with me.

As he said we went with him and speak, Rimuru will be classed as an A rank adventurer and he asked me to go around the city when he went visit the king 'I wish i can help him in the political affair too.'

Rimuru Pov

I finish the meeting with the king 'They are foxy trying to use Tempest to protect their own country like a bullet armor.' but after using a little of my aura they quickly accept a equal and basic alliance between country.

I went to the Inn we reserved tomorow we will leave for Ingracia and this through i fall asleep with Shizu beside me.

It's now morning and we leave Brunmund, the journey was quick and after 2 days we arrives at Ingracia.

Rimuru : It's a pretty big town.

Shizu : Yes !

Rimuru : We first need to meet this Yuuki ?

Shizu : Yes he is the grandmaster of the guild.

We passed the entrance but everyone are shocked not for my beauty but because of 2 rank A adventurer wand the famous conqueror of flames, their was a little uproar but we manage to calm them 'It's even more difficult than dealing with my subordinate.'

Ingracia is well developped like those glass or automatic door 'It must be Yuuki who is an otherwolder like Shizu.'

We then arrive at the main building and went inside.

Ciel : (Master, there is a demon lord here.)

Rimuru : (Huh, who he is?)

Ciel : (It's a former demon lord named Kazaream.)

She said 'Mmh strange, maybe Yuuki is a threat.' when i walk in i sense an manipulation spell throw on me but i have Ciel to counter that

Rimuru : (Good job Ciel!)

Ciel : (It's nothing master.)

I smiled internally and waited in a room with Shizu beside me 'Yuuki, i don't what are you planning but if youch Shizu, i will destroy you.'

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