Chap 3 part 1: Dwargon

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Ciel Pov

Today, master will go to the armed nation Dwargon to hire some workers 'Well i already know what will happen.'

But something unexpected happened, master is on his road on ranga back but suddently said

Rimuru : (Ne Ciel ?)

Ciel : (yes master)

Rimuru : (Do you want to go on a date at Dwargon?)

My mind went blank 'a d-d-date with master ? I saw a lot of couples or lovers during our vacation in the other world but never think master asks me to.'

Ciel : (S-sure if master is okay with me)

Master just smiles and nodded his head 'My hearth is beating so fast! This feeling is it love ?'

Rimuru Pov

I asked Ciel for a date because  she is always with me and is my most trustwhorty and reliable friend.

We can finally see the entrance, Ranga stepped into my shadow for safely. I enter the files and everyone look at me, that made me angry 'all these man are looking at me with lust ! That why i love girls even though i am one.'

I finally arrive at the entrance and greet the garde who i was stunned seeing me

Rimuru : Excuse me, can i pass ?

Garde : Euh ? yes i am sorry.

After i enter all the eyee turn to me again 'This gain to much attention !' i sighted

Civil 1:Is she a godness ?

Civil 2 :Beautiful !

Civil 3 : Maybe i can ask for a date.

Well there no mistake 'I am a godness after but no even in your dream i will not date you !'

Ciel : (Master there is a spy present but don't worry, it's alright)

Rimuru :(Ok ? I trust you Ciel)

after a while, I found some dwarf panicked and in a hurry, i stopped them and they explain the attack in the cave, so i decided to help and give them some full potion.

Now i am in an inn and tomorrow, I will see Kaijin who is a very good blacksmith.

(date with Ciel in a side storie)

I wake up and walk my way to his shop 'Finally i will meet Kaijin.'

As i enter the shop and greet him, he ignored me 'He is really focus huh'

Rimuru : Eto ? Kaijin!

Kaido : Ah ! Excu-excuse me miss ?

He said shocked

Rimuru : Tempest, Rimuru Tempest, i would like to made a deal with

He raised an eyebrow and i continue.

After speaking about the village i was making and he tell me the command to make 20 magic swords from the minister Vesta, i make the 20 swords and shocked him, and the 3 brothers arrived and thanks me for thatand this persuaded Kaijin to come with me. 'That a good thing, i made it.'

They want to take me to an elf bar 'Well i accept not because i want to but i heard from Ciel that they have an elf who can see my destined one, so i was curious.'

In the bar, all the elves are hugging like a doll, but it's not like i don't it, i just hate that their breasts are so big and mine are so flat...

Rimuru : So i heard i can see my destined one here ?

Elf 3 : Ah yes! I can !

She take out a ball of cristal and start looking at it.

I took a look and see a beautiful black air girl and beside her a little girl with also black air. ' So it's her, well she is indeed very beautiful'

Elf 2 : I see Rimuru-san have beautiful destined one !

Elf 1 : Ara ara

At this moment, a man enters the bar 'He is the prime minister Vesta, huh.'

After speaking with Kaijin, he turn to me with lust in his eyes 'I want to erase his existence' but before i take action, Kaijin stood up and punch his face 'it's satisfying'

Kaijin : Who dare you look at my client with these eyes !!

Vesta : Who are you to touch me ! you will pay for what you've done !

And he left after some minute passed the police of Dwargon came to arrest us but i don't want so i don't go.

Rimuru : Kaijin i will speak with someone and will set you free i promise you.

Kaijin : Eh ? if miss say so i trust you.

'He really trust me even we don't know each other ? What a good guy'

After he was taken away, i teleported and found the spy that watching me from the start.

Rimuru : Hey ! Spy-chan how are you ?

Spy : 'Eh !? i don't even feel her or see her moving, ! She is really dangerous'

Rimuru : Don't panic, i would like to talk.

Even reluctantly, i manage meet the king right now.

Rimuru :(The castle is pretty big, that make me want one too.)

Ciel :(Don't need to worry master, we will make one in the near future)

Rimuru:(Thanks Ciel.)

'She is in a good mood after our date even if i can see that she is more shy but that make her cute'

As i think, I am now in front of the king 'hmm his name his Gazel Dwargo right?'

Ciel : 'Yes master the king of the armed nation of Dwargon, Hero Gazel Dwargo.'

King Gazel : So you are the one who want talk to me ?

No one is with us even the spy-chan 'Huh, he is being cautious of me ? It's as if he understands that i can destroy his country if he piss me off.

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