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That time I got reincarnated as a slime along with a Nephilim by Bokilin
That time I got reincarnated as Nicci
A being is born and lost inside of cave with only a few pieces of his memories, He encounters a very unexpected companion and with him goes onto adventures that will mak...
The Companion of the Conquerer of Flames ( The Void Dragon ) by A_Rimuru
The Companion of the Conquerer Dino
This is a story where rimuru is born before the death of Veldanava as the fifth true dragon. And how he meets his closet friends Shizue Izawa... Let's see how the story...
The Blank Primordial by Kischur
The Blank Primordialby Kischur
The Blank Primordial - The Oldest Primordial, with her being first one to be created by Veldanava, with the sole purposed of having fully control Turn Null But after hav...
"The Demon Lord's Daughter" • Bleach x Tensura by Spirit-Rimuru
"The Demon Lord's Daughter" • Spirit-Rimuru
Ichigo Died but gets reborn as the Daughter of a Demon Lord. This is a Continuation of Split-Girl Fan Fiction. I don't own the first six chapter of thisFan fiction and i...
The 5th true dragon by Danime107
The 5th true dragonby Danime
During Veldora's rampage a 5th true dragon is born so Veldora gets the dragon to rampage with him Then the hero sealed both of them which lasted 300 years. What will ha...
Tensura Reaction by Shadow72700
Tensura Reactionby Shadow 72
A reaction Fanfic Character origins Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken I know about my bad personification, I know I'm sucks at English, but it was finish the first chapter...
Void God Dragon by TensuraLover
Void God Dragonby TensuraLover
The Strongest and most Powerful True dragon of all (Rimuru x Luminous) there will be a Rimuru x Shizue/Hinata but they will be all different
Rimuru And The Four Primordial Demons (Discontinued) by rxmxrxx
Rimuru And The Four Primordial :D
After Rimuru death, he got reincarnated in the underworld with his human form and the title Chaos creator, exploring the world trying to leave this part of the world, w...
Tensura's Picture by Stay_Lazy01
Tensura's Pictureby Frast Taglich
pictures about Tensura characters P.s: these Images are not mine
Rimuru Tempest the Void Dragon by elite3532
Rimuru Tempest the Void Dragonby elite3532
Rimuru is the elder sister of Veldanava and true creator of the univers. After a long sleep, she wake up and have fun in the world that his little brother create. She wi...
Rimuru's  Boyfriend by AquaGamers
Rimuru's Boyfriendby Rimuru temest
In this story Rimuru tempest(setsuko mikami) is a girl and has a boyfriend died instead of him so lets see rimuru handle his stress of new life in a new world is rimuru...
[BOOK 2.5??] That Time I Traveled as a Demon Lord: NINJA WAR by BlameMyGamingChair
[BOOK 2.5??] That Time I CHAIR-KUN
Sequel to That Time I Traveled as a Demon Lord 「Ugh... the shinigami's stomach was NOT a good place for a vacation to begin with... But nevermind that... Let's go to w...
Return of the tempest by DefinitelynotCiel
Return of the tempestby DefinitelyCiel
Inside the Ruins Castle, The Great Jura forest Became bigger than before. No one dared to step foot inside or dare to claim the great Jura forest for 2000 years. The Tem...
Tensura: One-shots and Stories Fanfic by The_Inferior
Tensura: One-shots and Stories Stay-Humble
Based on the title, this is a fanfic where it will only be filled with short stories from my imagination. For example, random ideas, opinions, story proposals and short...
Tensura Shit show (Crossovers) by randomdudeonhere
Tensura Shit show (Crossovers)by Bearurur, De Fonest Fuckery C...
The most random fucking idea that came to my mind, a story filled with shenanigans. Basically, a what if, in where the Author takes various main characters from differen...
Rimuru and the primordial demons (Remake) by rxmxrxx
Rimuru and the primordial demons ( :D
In a place filled with destruction and chaos rule by demons, there lay an unique individual lost and confuse on where he was, as he wonder on where he was, he suddenly g...
True Star Dragon Queen : Re-written by ImJustLazyy
True Star Dragon Queen : Re-writtenby ImJustLazyy
This is an Improved version of the old book. -possible harem -AU -Fem!Rimuru Little heads up there will be cringe moments and some events will happen differently. Lets...
"Rimuru in High School DxD" Tensura X Highschool DXD by VOID-KING
"Rimuru in High School DxD" VOID-KING
Rimuru after losing everyone Dude to a bomb made by Yuuki Decided to Venture out of the Omniverse to Obtain more power so that he can Revive Those that have died in his...
[BOOK 3] That Time I Traveled as a Demon Lord: TENMA WAR by BlameMyGamingChair
[BOOK 3] That Time I Traveled as CHAIR-KUN
Sequel to That Time I Traveled as a Demon Lord 「Heya! karma-kun's here. Apparently, shits happened, and now we're going to war. Just like what the title says... anyway...
|She's solely belongs to us|Guy.C/ Fem Rimuru. T/Rudra》 by Hatsu_midnight120
|She's solely belongs to us| Hatsu_midnight120
AU.Female Rimuru is the youngest true dragon among her siblings but her powers can match the creator of the world or maybe overwhelmin his from the start. Everyone has h...