Chap 17: War prelude

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Chloe Pov

When this unknow spirit went into me, i regained some of my past memory.

When i was the Hero Chronoa and my meeting with Rimuru-san at that time i searched a plan to kill Velda and save the world but in one of my time-loop, i don't know how i was sent in many millenia before and met Rimuru-san, She was so beautifull and we befriend very quickly but my time was come and i needed to searched a solution so i went on my journey leaving her behind but now we meet again.

During millenia, i trained and become stronger and stronger and this time i will not lose anyone, but now there is Rimuru-san who is even stronger than i can ever be.

'Is it fate ? Well whatever i am so happy to see her again !'

I looked at her and saw her with a wide smile 'She already understood, well she is litterally a goddess.'

Rimuru : Happy to see you again Chloe.

Chloe : Hm ! Me too Rimuru-san !

We hugged each other, Shizu-sensei and the other were also happy 'I think they trought we're happy for my save.'

Rimuru : Chloe for now we don't tell the other about you okay ?

Chloe : Hai ! And...

Rimuru : Mmh ?

Chole : Can i still call you sensei ?

She smiled and nodded 'In fact i am still her student and it sound good.'

We then join the other and spoke and laught but Ramiris come.

Ramiris : Oy ! What was that ?!

Rimuru : Nothing to worry.

She looks perplexed but accepted the situation 'Hehe, it's confusing so i can't blame her.'

We then all do a little picnic and 'Now i don't want to leave sensei side anymore !'

Rimuru : Well Ramiris, why not make the new golem for you ?

Ramirs : Ah ?! Really !

Rimuru : Yes !

Rimuru Pov

I take out a new product of Tempest, a magicsteel golem 'The Void steel is too strong and i don't want something like that in the hand of this childish spirit.' now i need something to live in.

Ciel : (Master can summon a demon.)

Rimuru : (Are you sure a demon with the spirit queen.)

Ciel : (Yes.)

As she confirmed i create a magic circle to summon a demon 'She from the black family, huh.'

Demon : Gretting  to my queen.

Rimuru : Hm queen?

Demon : Yes we from the black faction pledge loyalty to you Rimuru-sama.

'It's seems Diablo and the tree other primordial are doing a good job.' i smiled internally.

Rimuru : Very well ! I will grant you a name and you will be protecting this Ramiris here.

Demon : Yes ! It's a honnor for me.

Rimuru : You will be know as Berretta and use this golem for you're physical body !

She then was covered in a black mist and went inside the golem 'She is pretty strong for a new born archdemon.' but not comparable to a Benimaru, probably equal to Shion.

Berretta : For now i will be Berretta and protect Ramiris-sama.

We then went outside to leave but before that 'Ramiris is childish but she sure is smart.'

Rimuru : Ne ? Ramiris if you are too bored here alone come to my country, we need some genius like you.

Ramiris : Eh ! It's normal to want a genius like me hahaha !

Even if she laught, she looks a little sad 'Being the spirit queen is not always easy, huh.'

We then leave via teleportation.

Yuuki Pov

A few days before Rimuru-san come and ask me to continue what i was planning 'Well not my plan but my collaboration with the Eastern empire and Damrada.'

So i tell him about Shizu-sensei and Rimuru-san, now he will try to have Hinata by his side and use her to kill Rimuru-san but it's pointless she is too strong.

I didn't tell the clown about Rimuru-san and i know Clayman will attack her 'It's bad this idiot will die in a direct fight.' but Rimuru-san tell me about Damrada shemes and his skill.

She also told me that he tried to manipulate me.

That make me angry he was trying to use me but now i have Rimuru-san the strongest true dragon on my side so no need to worry 'She said if i follow her the world of peace i dreamt will come true.'

I can just follow and see now.

Ruminas Pov

I was sitting on my throne with my fang hurting me 'Arght ! This stupid church, they try to go on war with Tempest and with that i need to watch over them.' i can't see her, i really became addict to her magicule.

And there also Hinata too, she want to join the war 'It's stupid Rimuru will just annihilate them.'

I hope she just don't kill Hinata 'Do i stop them ? No Rimuru is not like the person to kill someone for nothing and i think that she already know that someone is behind that.'

I will observe for now but i really missed her 'Ah ! If it's not for this church, i will just kill them and join her !'

Diablo Pov

Along with Testarossa, Ultima and Carrera we gathered our subordinate and went to Tempest, we were greet my Benimaru who is in command of the army 'He is strong but weaker than me or the three other.' i need to do a better job than them, if i want to proves that i am the best for Rimuru-sama.

We then were ordered to hide for the time being and watch over the entire territory in the shadow.

And a few days after our arrival we sensed an humans army coming toward the forest.

Testarossa : They came for war ?

Carrera : These foolish humans ! Let me kill them.

Diablo : No ! Rimuru-sama say it in the rules that we will not harm any Humans if they not attack us.

Ultima : But they are coming armed and ready to fight.

Diablo : No, they didn't really arm us, we will wait until then.

They agreed and we went separate road Ultima and Carrera went in the city and Testarossa and i continued to watch them 'It's seems they prepared a Holy Barrier but the design of our city is create to resist against magic and Barrier and we also have the benediction of Rimuru-sama so it's useless.'

Rimuru Pov

Ciel told me that a war will begin but with the primordial demons and all the troups in Tempest we will be safe 'The only problem is how to deal with their main army.'

Ciel : (Master can release Veldora to destroy the main army.)

Rimuru : (Veldora ? It's not a bad idea.)

I will visit him before confronting the main army then 'I also need to check on Milim later.'

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