Chap 26: Hinata mind

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Hinata Pov

After my fight with this monster, i returned to Ruberios.

'This Rimuru says he knows Ruminas-sama but i have to be sure of it.' with these thoughts, i made my way toward the sacred mountain of Ruberios.

I just arrived and saw Roy.

Hinata : Roy, where is Ruminas-sama ?

Roy : Oh, Hello Hinata, Ruminas-sama went to see the war between Tempest and Farmuth, she left just a few minute ago.

So, she's already gone, i just have to wait for her now.

I went to my room and now i was thinking what Rimuru said to me 'Am i being manipulated ?' and i consider myself as a guardian of Humanity, it's ridiculous, Rimuru didn't even try and she defeat me like nothing.

I laughed at myself.

It has now been 3 days since the fight and Ruminas-sama finally came back.

Ruminas : Ara, Hinata you are here.

Hinata : Yes Ruminas-sama.

I said and knelt down, she just walked toward her throne and sat down.

Ruminas : I guess you're coming to ask about Rimuru.

Hinata : Yes, so you two are really acquaintance.

Ruminas : You can say that.

I need confirmation about Shizu-sensei now.

Hinata : Ruminas-sama, may i ask a question.

Ruminas : Of course.

Hinata : Have you stayed in Tempest during these last few days ?

Ruminas : Oh ? Are you worried about me, how cute.

I am used to her tease so i can endure it much better than before.

I just nodded.

Ruminas : It makes me really happy, you know and yes i stayed with Rimuru the last few days, why ?

Hinata : So have you seen someone called Shizu ?

I said and she suddenly released her murderous aura 'Wh-what ? Why is she angry ?'

She smiled but this smile even sent a chill in my spine.

Ruminas : By Shizu, you mean Shizue Izawa, right.

Hinata : Yes, if you meet her, is she okay ?

Ruminas : Yes i saw her, and she is a little too well at the moment.

I am relieved 'So Rimuru really told me the truth.' i have to apologize later.

But why Ruminas-sama is angry.

Hinata: What do you mean by "too much"?

Ruminas : She dare challenge me this human ! I'll show her my superiority later.

'Eh ? Shizu-sensei fights Ruminas-sama.' Shizu-sensei will surely lost but why did she challenge her ?

Hinata : Did she do something to you ?

Ruminas : Yes, she's try to steal her from me !

'Her ?' what is she talking about ? I am confused now.

Ruminas : Trying to seduce Rimuru. Ah ! I won't let her do as her will !

'Eh ?! Rimuru, did Shizu-sensei like girl ?' and Ruminas-sama also like Rimuru.

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