Side story: Velkia

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Rimuru Pov

After the Charibris fight, i let my subordinate prepare a feast and i went to my imaginary space.

Ciel then take a human forms.

Rimuru : Ciel are you ready ?

Ciel : Yes all is ready.

I nodded and take the Core of Charibris 'This will be the birth of my new niece !' i am so happy.

Ciel took out an body made by some Void steel who is an metal create in the void himself 'I was bored when i create this steel.'

I then put the Core inside and wait the fusion.

Ciel : Master the Core and the body have perfectionnly fused.

Rimuru : Nice what is the next step ?

Ciel : Give her a name.

'A name ?' i through for a minute and something come into my mind.

Rimuru : Name her Velkia !

I said and the Body start to shine and a golden mist enveloppe the the body, then a beautiful girl with blonde hair and green eys appear 'She is too cute !'

Rimuru : Hello, do you know who i am ?

Velkia : Yes, thank you aunt Rimuru.

She said and bowed her head 'Well mannered.'

Ciel : I also give her some of your memory about the recent event.

Rimuru ; Oh? and also Ciel how strong is she ?

Ciel : She is a catastrophe class monster even if she is the weaker amoung the your family, she also posess multiple unique skill.

'Heh, so she is strong.' i don't need to worry too much then.

Rimuru : Velkia for now you will watch over Veldora your father.

Velkia : Yes if it's aunt Rimuru wish.

We then walked toward Veldora room.

Rimuru : Oy Veldora ! What are you doing !

I said and open the door of his room just to find him reading a manga 'I wish you don't contamine your daugther.'

Veldora : Oh ! Hi nee-san what are you doing here ?

He look beside me and see Velkia.

Veldora : And who is this young lady ?

Rimuru : I am here to present your daughter who is beside me.

Veldora : Eh?!!

He looked shocked 'Now take your responsability !'

Velkia : Hello father, it's nice to meet you.

She said and bowed her head but Veldora is still shocked and unable to speak.

Seeying this Velkia turn to me and said.

Velkia : Don't worry aunt, i will wait him, you can go first.

Rimuru : Okay, good luck with him.

I said and pat her head, then leave.

'Veldora is more like a kid than Velkia.' i sighted.

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