Chap 1: Reunion and meeting

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3nd Pov

After the little meeting with Guy, the frost dragon Velzard went to the top of a cliff in the Frost continent and start looking at the horizon.

Velzard:'Ha! What should i do now'she trought

Suddently someone teleport behind her, she has a low presence and no aura, if you asked anyone else they will say this being is weak but when Velzard turn and see her face, her eyee widen and tear start to appear.

Rimuru: Hi little sister, it's been a long time, how are you ?doing ?

Velzard: Hi nee-san, i'm fine and it's good to see you again.

She said and smile and they stared at each other, Velzard was looking at how beautifull and was relieved that her sister is the same as before, and Rimuru was looking at how Velzard has grow.

After some seconde Velzard come closer and give a bear hug to Rimuru and was reciprocate.

Rimuru: Geez ! Velzard you have grow so much, you become a fine woman.

She say with smug smile, obviously pround of Velzard.

Velzard: Hehehe, compared to nee-san, im not that good.

She said with a blush visible and after some talk

Velzard: so nee-san what are you doing to do now ?

Rimuru: Mmmh good question, first i will go see our youger sibling and after that i will see the world that Veldanava and you have create.

Velzard: Oh so you already know for nii-san...

Rimuru: Yes don't worry im not angry or anything, i just regret that im not wake up earlier.

After saying goodbye, Rimuru teleport to a cave where the magical particule was particulary dense and this is where a certain dragon was imprisoned during the last 300 years.

Veldora Pov

I was bored like always, ah that damn hero could have just beat me instead of imprisoned me here alone...

'Well like she could beat me Kuhahaha-ha-a'

Suddently i sense someone enter the cave, no teleported in, i was terrified when i see her, she has no aura, a weak presence but my instinct are telling me to flee away from her and now she is in front of me, i saw a woman with blue-silver hair and a beautiful face, she is a godness, As i was thinking she stared at me

'Mmh? She just look at me? Let try talk to her.'

Veldora: Hello mis do you need something?

I asked and she just look at me straight in my eyes with her yellow eyes who can see trought everything, even my own soul

Rimuru: Hello Veldora it's nice to finally meet you

She said, i raised an eyebrow 'she has to meet me? Who is she?' When i was about to ask she said

Rimuru: Oh i forgot my name is Rimuru Tempest, your older sister.

She just said a few words, but for me it's like a giant icepeak hit me !

'I have another sister and a elder? Who come i not know her?'

Veldora: Ehh are you really my sister, if so do you come to beat me?

I asked with fear, is she like my other sister and super strict.

'Well a true dragon loses to a Human is really a shame but i was just playing, yes just playing !'

Rimuru: Hahahahaha !! Sorry im not here for that im just come to meet you but it's really disapointing.

I just make a shocked face, she not like Velzard nee-san who will just beat me up, as she bursts of laughing, 'she look like a good person, well it's not like my other sister are bad people.'

I gulp internally 'if my sister listen to my trought i am dead!'

Rimuru: so why are jailed here?

Veldora: Ah you see ( and he narate his story when he fight with the chosen hero and was defeated)

I nervously tell my story 'will she be mad at me for this humiliation ?'

Rimuru Pov

So he is an idiot? 'Huh this barrier is pretty weak'

Ciel: Master i have a suggestion

Rimuru just nodded

Ciel: Master can follow a story i made where you build your own kingdoms, with that you can also experience and discover this world.

Rimuru: Oh ciel, you've become pretty honest, huh, very well i trust you.

Ciel: Thank you master.

She didn't show it but she was happy, 'haaa Ciel how can you be so cute.'

Rimuru: So Veldora i going to set you free you but you will stay in a parrallel dimension during a ceratin time, are you okay with that ?

Veldora: If Nee-san say so, i will follow your word !

And with this Rimuru with just a swipe of his finger destroys the prison and put Veldora in the Imaginary Space with some manga and food that she discorvered during her vacation in another world several millenia ago.

3nd Pov

At the same time, the world is in chaos, the human authority is afraid of the storm dragon's sudden disappearance and has started preparing to defend their country.

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