Chap 30: Tempest news

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Rimuru Pov

Ruminas just killed these trash but i was told that they were 7 and actually only 4 come 'I will search them later.'

Now we all returned to Tempest and i need to think about how sould i announce many thing.

First, my status as a True Dragon, Second Sky queen Frey and Beast master Carrion will now serve me, Milim territory will also mine but that is not something they have to know, Thirdly Ruberios will join the alliance between Tempest, Dwargon, Blunmund and Sarion and lastly Farmuth will become a vassal country of Tempest.

'The world will soon have a huge change but this is for the peace.' i smiled.

Rimuru : So Ruminas, do you have any idea for the announcement ?

Ruminas : Well, you have to do it big enought for everyone to see it.

In the room actually, there are just me, Ruminas and Hinata.

I already told everyone about the holy knights, they scold me for not telling them but soon calmed down.

Hinata : Why not make an festival.

'A festival, huh.' it's a good idea actually.

Rimuru : It's a good idea and soon we will reach the date when i create this Village.

They nodded.

Rimuru : Very well, i will held an festival and invite every important person in this world.

Ruminas looked at me weirdly.

Ruminas : Also the Eastern Empire ?

Rimuru : Yes, i will invite Velgrind, so she can bring Rudra with her.

Ruminas : Sometime, you are crazy.

Hinata : Agree.

Ruminas chuckled at my misery 'I want to Rudra before made a jugement for the eastern empire, Velgrynd also told me that he was more and more suspect.'

Soon they left for Ruberios with the other knight who came along with Hinata 'They were perplex but when they knew that i am myself a goddess, they kneeled down and apologize for there behavior.'

And now i called all my executive in Tempest'I have too many subordinates now, maybe i have to gave them some title.'

At the meeting, i first told some detail about the recent event and then talk about the festival, they all agreed.

Shuna : Can i ask what do you want to announce ?

Rimuru : I want to announce my new subordinate and show the world Tempest, after many will want to form an alliance with us.

Benimaru : May i ask who are the new subordinate ?

Rimuru : Sure, they are the past demon lord Carrion and Frey.

Their eyes all widen and mouth open 'It's pretty funny to see.' and i have to told them about me now.

Benimaru : But why would they do that ?

Rimuru : Don't worry, all i can tell you is that they are loyal to me.

He nodded and soon Ramiris entered the room with Treini and Berretta 'She become a research maniac, after the creation of the laboratory in the labyrinth.'

Ramiris : Yahoo Rimuru, you call me ?

Rimuru : Yes, i want you t keep your job here in the labyrinth and also tell you that you are officially an habitant of Tempest.

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