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Favored Demon Lord (Tensura x OC) by FuyukiEmiyo
Favored Demon Lord (Tensura x OC)by Sasageyo!
Shin Valentine, He's Father is a American, while his mother is Japanese. His Father is a CEO at a company at America while her Mother was the daughter of the strongest Y...
Demon lords Voyage! (Tensura X OnePiece) by RenBowLTE
Demon lords Voyage! (Tensura X Chiharu
Milim who was a big fan of One Piece, decided ask rimuru to create the One Piece world and decided to go there with her fellow demon lords! How would octagram fit in in...
The Love of Milim and Rimuru by BenGrem1234
The Love of Milim and Rimuruby BenGrem1234
I wrote it because no one seems to want to do it. Summary Milim started feeling strange whenever she is close to Rimuru. She understood that what she is feeling is love...
Keep Moving Forward (Gamer Oc x Tensura) by shadowthehfang
Keep Moving Forward (Gamer Oc x shadowthehfang
A tormented teen ended up being reincarnated with a system in Tensura. What happens during his journey?
Gojo Reincarnated in Tensura by KunaruInLife
Gojo Reincarnated in Tensuraby KunaruInLife
! No pictures are owned by me ever, in any of my stories ! This story is about many people's favorite character from Jujutsu Kaisen, Satoru Gojo! I will say this, Gojo i...
Tensura pirates adventures! - The Beginning by DarkFighter_
Tensura pirates adventures! - Dark Fighter
Rimuru and co are bored and want some fun. They decide to visit the one piece world as a source of entertainment. And of course since its one piece world, what better w...
That time I got reincarnated as a demon. (Sds x slime cross over) by Wanderingyoshi
That time I got reincarnated as Wanderingyoshi
Your a normal Japanese guy living your life then one day your life ends right then and there but you wake up in a different world with the same body but you have the pow...
Rimuru & Milim Goes To Another Universe And Become The Villain by Dale-Storys
Rimuru & Milim Goes To Another Dale-Storys
Milim and Rimuru were bored, so Milim suggested that they should take a little vacation in another world, to which Rimuru agreed. Upon realizing that the world they were...
Different Sides[Officially Discontinued] by Sophie_Is_a_Critic
Different Sides[Officially Sophie-chan!
What if milim and rimuru were in kny? Well, let's find out! Although this includes dangerous ships so read at your own risk! This also contains some swearing I hope you...
The Two Dragonoid Remake  by V3Veriza
The Two Dragonoid Remake by ( – –)
Veldanava have another child and that is our lovable Rimuru Yup this is a remake since I'm not satisfied with the original This will be more wild and even weird Why? I d...
Octagram back in the past by golen_phoenix
Octagram back in the pastby Just That
follow the octagram as they compete to change the timeline to their liking. after his fight with Yuuki, the world was destroyed. Rimuru and the other awakened demon lord...
Immaturity [HIATUS] by snicksee
Immaturity [HIATUS]by snicksee
My first TenSura fanfic A Child Female Rimuru, born into the world of TenSura without even knowing of what will come for her. She gets adopted as Milim Nava's little si...
The Two Dragonoid by V3Veriza
The Two Dragonoidby ( – –)
Veldanava have another child and that is our lovable Rimuru I'll be honest, I just wanted to see Milim and Rimuru have fun Moreover I don't think I've seen something lik...
Reborn As Veldanava by YethMotheph
Reborn As Veldanavaby Johnlee Labrador
Kyuushi Amado, Died and meets ??? with 5 wishes
That time I got reincarnated as a slime along with a Nephilim (cancelled) by Bokilin
That time I got reincarnated as Nicci
A being is born and lost inside of cave with only a few pieces of his memories, He encounters a very unexpected companion and with him goes onto adventures that will mak...
Luminous's Sister by KunaruInLife
Luminous's Sisterby KunaruInLife
[255 for Demons!] This is the usual Tensura world except for one thing, a certain demon lord has an unknown sibling equaling to a demon lord seed's power and has the amo...
'Devour Everything!' | Tensura X Bofuri Crossover by Yufee4
'Devour Everything!' | Tensura X Yufee4
Theres a new rewrite || Instead of doing paperwork, Rimuru and the others decide to hop into another world (Made by yours truly, Ciel). Since it doesn't affect the timel...
fairy tail reacts to Natsu was veldanava by DragonGodise1133
fairy tail reacts to Natsu was
I am mostly doing this because I saw a video on YouTube where Natsu was veldanava so I felt like doing this what if the members of Fairy Tail get teleported and they r...
Past Tensura Cast React To Future  by ShivamNegi9
Past Tensura Cast React To Future by Shivam Negi
What if some day a supreme entity who is greater than all summoned the whole cast of Tensura in a theater to watch the future Rimuru is not a demon lord and the attack...