Chap 11: Charibris preparation

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Rimuru Pov

A few days before the ressurection of Charibris, Kabal and his party as well as the grandmaster of their guild Fuze come and Gobuta save them from a knight spider 'Gobuta become quite strong huh..'

When they saw the town they were amazed because with the orcs help, the village turn into a big city with a majestic castle in the middle.

All my subordinate was in uproar when i said i wanted a little house but 'It's because i can go in my imaginary space who there already a castle.'

I meet them with another party that was with them, their leader named Youm and they are hired bandits from Farmuth 'Farmuth is one of the major economic countries, but i heard that their king is greedy.'

They wanted to gather information 'Well a new formed city that was build by a monster is certainly intriguing.'

So after negociating with these humans, wich results in a cooperative relationship with the Kingdom of Brumund and Youm will work for me and become the hero who killed the orc lord 'Well it's Ciel's plan, so i can't said anything.'

Now Treiya, Treiny's sister is coming to warn us, so i'm calling an emergency meeing but what they don't know is that i already have some plans for Charibris.

Rimuru: (Hehehe.)

Ciel : (Master is happy but don't show it to your subordinate, they will lose they focus.)

Rimuru : (Yeah, yeah i am sorry Ciel, but i am too excited.) 

They are all finally all arriving.

Benimaru Pov

Today was a normal day, i was training with Hakurou when Rimuru-sama called the whole executive for an emergency meeting 'Eh!? Something must happened, it must be grave.'

I am happy to serve such a wonderful queen 'Yes she is a queen now and i have to be stronger to serve her.'

Arriving with the other, i saw her face more serious than ever.

I internally gulped and take a sit.

Rimuru : The calamity monster Charibris was ressurected and is coming towards this town.

All : What!!?!

Then the new coming driyad speaks and recounts the event with the 11 megalodons 'So we have to fight this beast but i don't think Tempest will lose.' i already saw the power of Rimuru-sama and she is certainly a calamity class monster.

We then talked about strategy but Rimuru-sama just stay quite and when i propose the evacuation of the citizen.

Rimuru : No need to evacuate, tomorow you will prove your worth, you have to protect this city whatever happens and even if you lose, Milim can take her down you know.

Milim : Leave it to me-noda, Charibrys stand no chance against me Wuhahaha

'Yes she's right, Rimuru-sama always protecting us but when she is not here we have to protect this city ourself.' i will not let this city fall.

Shizue Pov

After the meeting, i went to speak with Rimuru-san about something that intrigue me.

Shizue : Rimuru-san, can i ask you something ?

Rimuru : Yes of course.

She said with an honest smile 'So cute, i want to hug her !'

Shizue : A few days after the Orc Lord battle i feel something changing in me, i would like to find out mysefl but i failed so i want to ask if you know anything ?

After a few seconds, as she looks at me like analysing me  and she said.

Rimuru : It's because you got the Hero Egg congratulation ;

Shizue : Eh ?

Rimuru : Yes, you will become a true hero one day.

I was shocked but happy 'Hehehe you really change my life Rimuru-san, i'm so happy to have met you.'

And then we started to walk to our house.

Rimuru : You wanted to save the children in Ingracia right.

Shizue : Yes ! I want but...

Rimuru : Don't worry, i'm going after the Charibris case and...

Shizue : And ?

Rimuru : Do you want to come with me ?

For the second time today i was shocked and was caught off guard 'I abandoned the children, they will probably hate me.' but seeing her smile, i gather my courage.

Shizue : Yes, i won't leave them this time!

Rimur : That the right mentallity.

We arrived and entered the house, we found Milim asleep on the couch 'Who in their right mind would think she's is a demon lord ? Nobody, is it ?'

We sit at the table and discuss about trivials thing 'I really enjoyed these moments of peace.'

Shizue : So Rimuru-san, you can take down Charibris down on your own, why not ?

Rimuru : I want you not to depend on me too much and this is the best training in real condition, Charibris has no mind so she will attack randomly, you can kill him easily if not for his regeneration skill.

Shizue : Eh, you know all of his weakness, do you have some plans ?

Rimuru : Who know.

After a while, i went to my room and thought about it 'Tomorow we have to fight but it's already win so i can go easy.'

No Rimuru-san said it's to prove our worth so i need to be at my best and i have the skill heroism 'With that i can protect everyone, the more people you protect, the more power you can gather.'.

I can protect everyone now.

Rimuru Pov

After i left Shizu, i went to a dessert place in the forest and asked whoever has been spying on me since the Ifrit case. 'I let him do because i didn't sense any bad intention but i will be busy soon, so i deal with him now.'

Rimuru : (Ciel do you know who he is?)

Ciel : (Yes it's the Primordial Demon Noir.)

Rimuru : (Primoridial demon ? Well just summon him.)

As i said, a magic circle drawn on the ground and a black haired man and two greater demons appear lowering their heads 'So this is a primordial demon, pretty impressive i must say.'

Diablo : Greeting supreme one it's an honor to be called by you !

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