Side story: Love conflict

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Rimuru Pov

After the big feast for the victory of Tempest i went to my office and sent a thought communication to Shizu and Yuuki.

Rimuru : « Yo Yuuki, i will take Shizu and the kids back to Tempest, it's good for you ? »

Yuuki : « Oh ! Rimuru-san, it's fine for me, if you are talking to me right now, it's mean that Farmuth army was destroyed. »

Rimuru : « Fortunaly for us yes »

I then cut the communication and sent to Shizu 'I miss her a lot.'

Rimuru : « Shizu do you hear me ? »

Shizu : « Yes, you buisness is finished ? »

Rimuru : « Yes i will teleport you and the kids now, i already talk with Yuuki. »

Shizu : « Oh ok, i call the kids and pack their stuff, we will be ready in a few moment. »

Rimuru « Okay, take your time. »

I waited 20 minutes before teleporting them here, they were in awe when they saw the city, especially the castle.

And Shizu asked me why there is a feast 'Well it's time.' i through a little scared.

I then tell her everything starting with the fight against Hinata and lastly the war against Falmuth, she pouted eavily at me for not telling her.

Shizu : Rimuru-san is cruel, not tell me something so important !

Rimuru : Sorry, sorry i wanted you to protect the kids.

Shizu : Well, even i wanted to help you !

'She is both cute and scary when she is angry like that.' but when i was about to say something Ruminas enter my office 'Bad timing !'

Ruminas : Ara, Rimuru you are in a good company.

She don't let it show but she is jealous and the kids are looking at us having an argument 'Oops, Chloe is also here, it's very bad.'

Rimuru : So Shizu don't worry you will help me later and Ruminas this is Shizue Izawa, a person dear to me, and this is Ruminas Valentine a demon lord.

Shizu : Ok, i let slide this time and nice to meet you Ruminas-san.

Ruminas : Likewise.

Ruminas was somewhat cold but then she come closer to me and bite my neck, i was a little surprise 'She never do that so aggressively before.'

Shizu and the kids looked at us shocked.

Ruminas Pov

This Shizu and Rimuru look have a bond beyond friendship, when i saw her having an argument even if Rimuru was getting scolded, she looked happy so i need to show this Human my superiority.

Even if it's embarasing to do that in public 'Now that i look this little girl looks like Chole.'

Shizu Pov

'Eh ?! What is this girl doing !' is she telling me to back off ? 'Grrr i will not loose to anyone.'

Chloe Pov

'Eh ? Why my good friend Ruminas is attacking sensei !' even if i am happy that she lost interest in me, it's my sensei !

I want to have my real body now to proves who is the better !

'Ah ! Sensei no baka !'

Rimuru Pov

'This is very bad ! Too bad.' i can't die but they will torture me no even worse.

I gulped internally 'Well, i wish pry god for my own safety.'

Ciel : (Logically, master is god, so you have no escape now.)

She said but i can sense the hostility behind her word 'So Ciel too.' if Ciel join them, i will definitely die.

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