Chap 22: Alliance

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Rimuru Pov

It's been 5 days since the end of the war, Ruminas has already returned to Ruberios 3 days ago. 

Ciel also told me that a Walpurgis will be held 'It's seem that Clayman is making his move.'

Now i am waiting some visitors who will come soon, they are the King of Dwargon Gazel Dwargo, a relative of Elen who seem to be a noble of Sarion, the representative of Brunmund Fuze and finally the Beastkeeter of Eurazania 'It's seem Milim have a fight with Carrion but she can't loose, Carrion is too weak after all.'

I also need to form a good alliance with Sarion 'They are specialize in magic, so they will be great at researching and developing magic technologie and create some new tool.' 

In the meantime, i think back about the prisonner.

Fashback 2 days ago

I went to Tempest prison which is under the Ultima's command 'I recently gave her this job because she suitable for the job and she seem to like tortured people.'

I was greeted by Ultima and she take me to the otherworlder first 'Shuna told me that there are 3 with each one have a unique skill.' not bad.

We went to an section of the jail which is dedicated to war prisoniers 'I haven't really seen it but this prison is huge.' as i through we arrive in front of their cell.

They look lifeless and their eyes are full of despair.

Rimuru : Hello otherworlder.

They look at me but not speak 'What happened to them ?' it's useless, i don't think they are even human anymore.

Rimuru : (Ciel, what happened here ?)

Ciel : (It's appears that they were for 3 days in constant torture under Ultima's jurisdiction and Shion was given the job of cook in the prison.)

'Eh ? Her cooking is that bad.' well if it's for the prisoner it's fine i guess.

I will just kill them 'But i will put them into Azathot, who will torture them during the rest of the eternity.' i don't know why but they particularly irritates me.

I held my hand and pointed it at them and use Azathot to absorb and put them in another dimension where there nothing but a infinite pain 'Well i planned that from the start.' just for the people who i really hate.

Rimuru : Diablo !

Diablo : Yes Rimuru-sama.

He immediately appeared beside me on his knees.

Rimuru : I'll let you take care of the King of Farmuth and the rest, your job is simple take control over the Kingdom of Farmuth with the help of Youm, i've already told him what he needed to know.

Diablo : Kufufu as expected of Rimuru-sama.

I looked at him with a serious gaze 'To create a peaceful world, i must control it.' so this is serious buisness.

Before coming here, i spoke with Mjurran and we conclude an pact 'She will rule Farmuth with Youm and they will be a vasal country of Tempest, in exchange she can live like she want.'

Rimuru : Don't disapoint me.

I said and leave.

End Flashback

I was cut off of my thought by Ciel warning me.

Ciel : (Master, they are all here.)

I nodded and called my executive to greet and bring them to me.

I was sitting on a throne waiting in a empty room with a giant door in front of me 'I will repeat myself but this castle is insane.'

The door suddently opened and one by one they all walk in, standing in front of me.

'I covered the whole room with my aura to show my power.' Sarion surely won't work with a random weakling.

Elalude Pov

I was walking toward the newly formed Kingdom of Tempest 'Elen-chan is here ! Papa will save you from those evil demons !'

With my subordonate, we arrived at the capital of the monster and was directly greeted with a white haired woman 'Th-this is a primordial demon !' i was scared for sure but she just asked us to follow her.

On the road to this giant castle, i saw the pegasus knight of Dwargon 'So King Gazel also made a move.'

Some time later, we reached a large door next to me, there is some guy from Brunmund and the representatives of Dwargon 'So this will be something big, there aslo the Beastkeeter of Eurazania.'

Elen is also here 'Elen-chan! But i can't talk to her right now.'

The door started to open and we can see  a single figure sitting on her throne, she was the queen of monster, the demon here one by one enter and set up a table in the middle with some chair and now i can see how strong they are 'Each one are litteraly calamity class monster.' it's absurd.

I stepped into the room and was made direct contact with an aura and directly went on my knees 'What is that ?!'

Gazel and the Beastkeeter are also is in the same state as me.

At thiat moment the queen stood up and walked over the table sitting on a small chair 'So she is humble too.'

Rimuru Pov

When they entered, they immediately went on they knees 'Oops i overdid it.' i quickly get up stopping my aura and went sitting on a simple chair at the rond table.

They quickly make their way and sat down, we then started our meeting 'That's pretty boring.' we just talked about the recent war and how they just got wiped out of the map in not even 10 minute by Veldora.

When this topic was closed, i started to question about Sarion and an alliance.

I then asked more like ordered an meeting with their queen.

Elalude : Sure she will surely come after the Walpurgis.

Rimuru : Very well.

And with that, everything has gone pretty well and they will all stay here for the night.

But in the middle of the meeting Ramiris come in a hurry but was caught by Diablo.

Ramiris : Let me go !

Rimuru : It's good Diablo, let her.

He let her go and she flew toward me 'What does she want ?'

Ramiris : It's important so listen to me ! This country Tempest will be destroyed !

'Eh ? What kind of joke is that.' i couldn't hold back my laughter and i burst out.

Rimuru : You probably talk about the Walpurgis, don't worry all will be fine.

She was confused but with her i can go to the Walpugis with an invitation 'I had planned to interrupt and come in the middle of their Banquet to make an cool entrance.' 

We then talked about Clayman Shemes who enraged the people of Eurazania and soon after we all came to a good alliance or a good arrangement.

'I'll take Veldora and Velgrynd with me to the Walpurgis.' a subordinate is like a family to me and Velgrynd is my sister so it's good, i also think Velzard will attend it, so we can have a family reunion after.

During the Walpurgis Benimaru, Geld, Gabiru with their respective squad along with the warrior of Eurazania will destroy the army of Clayman.

Souei, Shuna and the 3 primordials demoness will take the castle of Clayman.

Diablo will take care of the kingdom of Farmuth and ther rest will protect Tempest in the meantime.

It's a good plan 'And really can't wait to see Milim after such a long time.'

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