Chap 18: Hinata Sakaguchi

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Rimuru Pov

I told Shizu to keep the children during the war 'Well i didn't mention the war part.' and i also ask Yuuki to keep them safe.

Now i am walking to an open field 'Normally, Hinata Sakaguchi will attack me here.' Hinata is a student of Shizu, who is an sword prodigy.

Yuuki told me about her and her attack with that i can say Yuuki is on my side and the real enemy is this Damrada.

As i think someone walk toward me from behind.

Hinata : Hello i suppose, well you will die soon.

Rimuru : Eh ? I don't plan to die soon you know.

Hinata : Ara, what a shame them.

'She is pretty confident, well her power is indeed big for a human or is she a saint ? She also have good links with spirit' i see Shizu formed her well.

Rimuru : Well, what did i do for you to want my life ?

Hinata : Don't play dumb, when you manipulate Shizu-sensei for you own pleasure !

Rimuru : Eh ? Why do i need to do that on one of my most precious person ?

She looked at me angrily 'So she also is stubborn.' i close my eyes to think what to do 'I can take my time with her, the primordial will be able to defend Tempest without me.'

Rimuru : Well then why didn't you present yourself ?

Hinata : You will die soon but i don't mind it, my name is Hinata Sakaguchi of the holy knight from the Saint country of Ruberios, known as the right hand of god.

'Ruberios ? So she is Ruminas right hand.' she is too confident for her own good.

Rimuru : Very well my name is Rimuru Tempest but it's seem you already know me.

'This barrier is way too weak.' i through looking around me.

She took out her sword and pointed at me.

Rimuru : Well i guess there no option beside fighting.

Hinata : ...

I also take out my sword not my sword of the Void but a sword forged by Kurobe and Kaijin.

'This sword will be named Sword of Tempest.' sound pretty cool right !

Then the fight start she rushed at me using her sword skill 'She is very good and skilled, i can also see some of Shizu move in her style.' but i only dodged, she start lost a little of her temper and attack more aggresively.

I parred with my sword and she went back a little 'Her raw strenght is not good as Benimaru but her Skill and talent is definitively supperior.' a real prodigy.

I then rushed at her and attack with multiple slash and she was shocked that i can draw her back.

Hinata Pov

What is this monster 'She is too strong but i need to freed Shizu-sensei !'

She continue her attack, i can barelly parry her sword 'The Holy barrier don't seem to affect her.'

Suddently she stopped and looked at me 'What she gonna do ?!'

Rimuru : Why don't stop now ?

Hinata : What ?

Rimuru : You can already see it right, you can't defeat me and even more kill me.

'Grr ! But she is rigth in swordmanship i can't beat her.' i need to use this magic

Rimuru : Beside why fighting me, there is no point.

Hinata : You manipulate Shizu-sensei ! This is a point !

Rimuru : I already say it ! I didn't do that and it's seem the one being manipulate is you.

'What ?! Me manipulate, don't joke !' i become angrier, is she mocking me ?

There is no choice but use Disintegration, I start the spirit summoning to restrain her but she can move even against spirit?

Rimuru: Oh? You have a last trump card to play?

Hinata: Shut up you monster!

I started to make my magic formula 'She don't move? Do she think she can take this attack in front?' Fool.

Hinata: Now die Disintegration!!

Rimuru Pov

So she is using an holy magic 'This is indeed strong but not enough to take down a True demon lord and even more a True Dragon.'

I let it touch me and as I thought it didn't even scratch me.

Hinata: Did she die?

Rimuru: No! This attack was powerful but this is nothing for me.

She looks shocked and fell on her knee 'So she lost hope, well I take her strongest attack and remain unharmed.'

She doesn't look scared but just in despair.

I walked over her and she didn't react at all 'Do she accept death that easily?'

Hinata: What do you wait to kill me?

Rimuru: Why do you think I will kill you.

Hinata: You are a monster!

Rimuru: Well monster like me and mindless monster are different you know.

She look totally lost now 'So she is also pretty innocent.'

Rimuru: Go back to Ruberios now and come visit Tempest after the war, you can see Shizu.

Hinata: You manipulate her like a puppet don't joke around!

Rimuru: Then see it yourself if she is just a puppet!

I turned around and destroyed the barrier.

Before leaving i gave her a glance looking right in her eyes.

Rimuru: You can also tell Ruminas to come and see me sometime.

I said and teleported right away 'The battle in the city is normally finish.'

Hinata Pov

What a monster 'She even destroyed the pround Holly barrier like nothing.'

Did she just mention Ruminas-sama, are they acquaintance 'So I really messed up, if Shizu-sensei is not manipulate then I was really the one being manipulated.'

I need to ask Ruminas-sama for now and see it myself.

Shizu Pov

Rimuru-san told me he has buisness in Tempest but something seem off 'I can sense Hinata somewhere near.' I didn't told Rimuru-san but I evolved into a saint after the event in the Dwelling of the Spirit and gained a new perception skill.

And beside that, after the dwelling event Chloe and Rimuru-san became more closer.

'I am not jealous of my student aren't I?'

But there are so close now, well Rimuru-san continue to pass time with me but somehow my heart tighten 'So this is jealousy, huh.'

Chloe also told me her love for Rimuru-san 'Even if she is my student I will not lose to anyone!'

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