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Tensura, An Alternate Timeline (TAAT) (Book 1) by randomdudeonhere
Tensura, An Alternate Timeline (TA...by Bearurur, De Fonest Fuckery C...
Tensura, a world filled with alternate timelines. Ofcourse, this is just one of those many timelines. Disclaimer: This story has a few things that I must point out. 1) I...
The Void Dragon: Rimuru by ChaosDragon06
The Void Dragon: Rimuruby Letter Chain
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Ancient Demon Lord Rimuru by Mertinator1905
Ancient Demon Lord Rimuruby Mertinator1905
80 years have passed since Yuuki's defeat. Rimuru, after dwelling for countless years at the end of time and space, has surpassed Veldanava in terms of strength and is...
𝑭𝒓𝒐𝒛𝒆𝒏 𝑳𝒐𝒗𝒆 by Rimuru6360
𝑭𝒓𝒐𝒛𝒆𝒏 𝑳𝒐𝒗𝒆by Chaos Creator
Love, love, love, love who? "... That one person." Who is that person? Tell me who? "The one whose destiny entangled with mine to the point of existing a...
"A Match Made in Heaven" Rimuru x Asia (Tensura x High School DxD) by Spirit-Rimuru
"A Match Made in Heaven" Rimuru x...by Spirit-Rimuru
Asia was a Girl that have Suffered through out her life. when she Thought she have Found a Family that she had been looking for she was Betrayed by the very person that...
Saga Of Tensura: Short Stories and One Shots by Rimuru6360
Saga Of Tensura: Short Stories and...by Chaos Creator
This book is for Tensura 'Short Stories' and 'One Shot' that just came to my mind and nobody seems to do it. .
Hanbinie không còn cô đơn nữa đâu . by akorokiz
Hanbinie không còn cô đơn nữa đâu .by akorokiz
Nghệ sĩ solo Hanbin sống lại và tìm được nơi anh thuộc về...
[BOOK 2] That Time I Traveled as a Demon Lord by BlameMyGamingChair
[BOOK 2] That Time I Traveled as a...by CHAIR-KUN
Sequel to "A demon in a Ninja world" Things to do: 1. Got reincarnated. ☑ 2. Got nerf'd. ☑ 3. Died. ☑ 4. Revive yer self on the other "other" World...
TTIGRAS (Short stories/One-shots) ^Changed,renamed,remaked.^ by zeshui
TTIGRAS (Short stories/One-shots)...by zeshui
[I only upload whenever I want]
Rimuru's Interdimensional Odyssey: A Black Clover Crossover by mhiz_zino
Rimuru's Interdimensional Odyssey:...by mhiz_zino
This is a cross over book between rimuru and black clover.
Tensura x COTE: The God and The Genius by Void-Primordial
Tensura x COTE: The God and The Ge...by Rimuru
Story will be based on the Light novel of Classroom of the Elite. It will be a different timeline, but I will try my best to follow the main storyline. Disclaimer: Both...
That time I got reincarnated as a rabbit by biblio-author
That time I got reincarnated as a...by Rei Española
Mitsuri Satoru is a young Japanese woman who is working at a not-so-popular law firm when her life suddenly takes a tragic turn due to an unfortunate incident. When she...
Rimuru and Primordial go to earth ( Tensura x OC )-fanfiction  by MikoyanNotHere
Rimuru and Primordial go to earth...by MikoyanNotHere
Rimuru who where stuck at his office decided to reincarnated into a human back at his old world to fulfill his boring after a long time. But,he decided to bring his 4 pr...
What if Rimuru went to other undiverses. (Black clover x tensura) by TheEpo_s
What if Rimuru went to other undiv...by Epo_s
I made it really long ago, and I'll fix it up later, don't worry. I post 1 chapter per day for 12 days. All the chapters are around 1k words long.
That Time I Died and was Reincarnated in an Anime. by LoggerKing635
That Time I Died and was Reincarna...by Loggerking645
That Time I was Reincarnated as a Slime x reader. After tragedy struck, (Y/N) now must live in a world she has only read about in her past life. Now having to put aside...
Rimuru X Genshin Impact by SupremeDietyRimuru
Rimuru X Genshin Impactby SupremeDietyRimuru
Rimuru The Supreme Diety escapes to another world to escape the unending amount of paperwork he has to deal with the world he escapes to is called Teyvat.Along the way h...
That time I was reincarnated as a slime [Rimuru x reader] by bitbitttttttttt
That time I was reincarnated as a...by kanna
I do not own the characters or the original story. This book is full of fluff and some lemons. (Y/N) is this book is a female. I also do not own some of the pictures. Th...
Marvel: Group Chat by Soloextra7
Marvel: Group Chatby Rocky
*~Ding* [ Group Chat activated..., Administrator confirmed. Promoting the individual known as Rudra to Group Admin.] [Sending an invite to random Multiverse People. ] [T...
The Companion of the Conquerer of Flames ( The Void Dragon ) by A_Rimuru
The Companion of the Conquerer of...by Dino
This is a story where rimuru is born before the death of Veldanava as the fifth true dragon. And how he meets his closet friends Shizue Izawa... Let's see how the story...
That time I got reincarnated as Accelerator  by OGVipex
That time I got reincarnated as Ac...by OGVipex
"Reincarnation.. didn't think it was true. A lot of us wish to be isekaid so we could be with our favorite characters but we never think it to be true but I died an...