Chap 27: New subordinate and family

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Rimuru Pov

We just finished our family meeting after the Walpurgis and i went back to Tempest with Veldora 'Milim got 2 new subordinates, so she will have to work harder from now.' well i have some plan for Frey and Carrion.

We just arrived at the entrance and saw all of my subordinates waiting for our arrival.

Seeing us, they started to rejoiced 'This night will be long.' with these thought, they decided to have a new feast tonight.

After they all calmed down, Benimaru first told me about his report 'A one side victory.'

Then Geld come and we talked about some matters 'During the Walpurgis, i gained the territory of Clayman, Jistav and now i have to rebuild the whole territory.' Clayman is a terrible ruler, just looking at his territory make me disgust.

For now i sent Geld help the reconstruction of Eurazania and after that i went to see Shizu and the Kid.

Rimuru : Hi Shizu, how are you?

Shizu : Oh, hi Rimuru-san, i'm fine and you, how was the Walpurgis ?

The kids are playing in front of us 'These brat didn't even notice me.' even Chloe, i'm hurt now.

Rimuru : I'm fine and the Walpurgis went well for Tempest and...

Shizu : Hm ? What's wrong ?

Rimuru : In a few week, i will visit demon lord Leon country.

Her eyes widen and i can see her sad face 'Okay, Leon i will punch you two time now.'

Rimuru : Do you want to come with me ?

Shizu : If possible then yes.

I smiled, she got really strong 'Before, she looked so broken but now she's a strong person.'

I was talking with Shizu when Chloe notice me 'Finally !' and they all went toward me.

We talked a little and i let them 'Shizu really loves teaching kids, i'll build a school later.'

For now, i have to deal with Hinata.

Rimuru : (Ciel, how many days before she comes?)

Ciel: (She will be leaving Ruberios in 5 days and arrive here in 7 days.)

Rimuru : (Thanks Ciel, you really are the best.)

Ciel : (It's really nothing.)

'I want to tease her.' it's been a while after all.

Rimuru : (Ciel, you know i love you.)

Ciel : (!!)

Rimuru : (You're so cute, hehe.)

Ciel : (Master please stop.)

Rimuru : (It's an order Ciel, come out and take a physical form.)

She remained silent and after 2 minutes she got out.

I can now see her, her hair are the same as mine but her eyes are red crimson 'Cute, even though we look the same, i'm still attracted to her.'

I walked over to her and patted her head, she just stared at the floor blushing like a mess.

Rimuru : Ciel look at me in the eyes.

She slowly lifts her head, our eyes met.

Rimuru : Ne Ciel, do you wish something ?

Ciel: No, just serving master is enought for me.

Rimuru : Then you will do anything for me ?

She nodded, her eyes is now filled with determination.

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