Chap 28: Schemes of the Clergy

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Hinata Pov

It's been 5 days since the meeting and now i am ready to go.

With me there are my subordinates, the Ten Great Saint, and we have just started our journey.

'The Seven Clergy have been pretty suspect these last few days.' they pratically force me to kill Rimuru even though i can't.

We have just arrived in Blunmund and choose to rest for the night.

The next days, we enter the Kingdom of Tempest, but we still have a long way to go before reaching the capital.

'This country developed too quickly.' in just 2 years, they control the entire Forest of Jura and even more.

We stopped in a small village, although it is a monster village, there are Humans who stay here for the night, so a coexistence between monster and human is possible.

'Tomorrow we will reach the city Rimuru.' my anxiety grows a bit and then i fall asleep.

The next days, we finally made it to the capital of monster and saw a huge queue 'They're pretty popular, huh.' we have to wait here for at least 5 hours.

I sighed but then a girl appear in front of us.

I can hear the reaction of some monster.

Monster 1 : Hey, is she an executive ?

Monster 2 : Yes, she is one of the highter executive of Rimuru-sama.

Monster 3 : Yes, it's Testarossa-sama !

So she is someone important, she stared at me.

Testarossa : Hello, you must be Hinata Sakaguchi.

Hinata : Yes, what do you want ?

Testarossa : Rimuru-sama want to see you, just follow me.

I nodded and become inwardly happy to skip the queue.

We've passed the queue and now we're all in the city.

My eyes widen a little 'This city is beautiful.' we continued to follow her and passed many shops, restaurants and other.

My subordinates are also fascinated by the city.

We then enter the castle 'Bigger than the castle of Ruberios.' and soon reach the throne room.

But before enterering.

Testarossa : Sorry, but Hinata Sakaguchi is the only one allowed in.

She said coldly and her aura leaked, my subordinate tensed up and readier their weapon 'She is strong.'

Arnaud : And why is that ?

Testarossa : Why does Rimuru-sama have to meet some lowlife like you ?

The atmosphere becomes tense and i can sense some demon gathering around us 'If we fight here we will lose but we will also make Rimuru more angry.'

Hinata : It's fine, i'll go alone.

Fritz : It is really okay ?

Hinata : Yes, wait for me here.

They all nodded and i walk into the room 'It's time.'

I then saw Rimuru on her throne, eyes closed and arm locked 'She is really beautiful.'

Rimuru Pov

In the 4 days after visiting Milim and the other two, i retuned to Tempest.

I first announced all of our new subordinates like the Primordial demon, after that Ramiris finished her house but i decided to create a labyrinth with her house at the deepest part of it 'I can say something like, the one who beat the entire labyrinth will be a hero with the blessing of the queen of spirit.' pretty cool right.

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