Chap 36: Tournament start

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Rimuru Pov

We just finished the first days of the festival, everyone went to their privates rooms in a luxurious hotel, we builded near the castle.

This days was long, after our introduction, we all enjoyed our meal until a faction of these arrogant nobles spoke and make a ruckus.

They wanted to make us monster their slave or something like that but they got quickly put at their place, when the different King and Queen or monster glared at them 'Well, i almost kill someone.' a pig tried to force Velkia and this angered me very much.

My aura leaked and i think everyone got the message, do not mess with me or my family.

I also spoke with Rudra or more likely Michael 'Velgrynd told me that he was kind hearted and care about his people but the one i spoke with was a power hungry man.' i wanted to annihilate him on the place but held back myself.

Later i talked to the demon lord and saw Leon sticking with Chloe, i asked them why and learned that they were childhood friend 'Oh ? That interesting, so this is why he summoned Shizu by accident.' he wantd to summon Chloe and failed.

There also Guy, who was enjoying his dish and sometime tried to start a mess with Rudra 'Well they got stopped by their respective partner.'

I was rethinking the days but stopped because tomorrow will be the start of the main event 'The Tournament.' many of my subordinates wanted to participate but i rejected everyone except for some.

'I want to see Zegion training result, there also Benimaru, Diablo, Carrion and Ranga.'

I personally think that Diablo or Zegion will win 'Benimaru is strong but he didn't have the experience of Diablo or the training of Veldora.' i let them participate so they can show their strenght but also show the power of my patrons.

Tomorrow will be the preliminary, and i am now checking the candidates 'It seem some interesting outsider will participate.' like this Masayuki, who is a champion.

And also the five subordinates, i personally chosed will directly be qualified for the next round because I want to see some good fight 'And maybe some potential subordinate.'

'Oh ? There also Gobuta who want to participate along with many soldier of Tempest.' i chuckled, they don't have the power to take down an higher executive but who know what surprise they can put.

With these thought, i'll waited the next days a little excited.

Rudra Pov

I meet todays this Rimuru 'A true dragon ? Don't joke around, i never saw her before.'

Velgrynd also seem to agreed with her and told me that this Rimuru was the one who create the universe 'What do this mean, isn't Veldanava who create it' even so i will conquer the Western country and beat Guy, she will not stop me.

Velgrynd seem to trust her, so i can't count on her right now 'I will make her help with my control over the virtue series along with the Ice dragon.' i can also use Veldora with the ultimate skill Sandalphon the executor of Kondo.

'True dragon or not, i will not let anyone go in my way !' i will stay during this festival and search for some useful information 'Even i can tell that this Rimuru is strong.' i can't even send my subordinate spy because of the many demons lords here.

'Tch, whatever i will win at the end.' i smiled and enjoyed the special wine of this country.

Rimuru Pov

It's now the days of the tournament, everyone are ready.

'The nobles and royalty are all seated in their respective chair, after having an good breakfast.' the participants for the preliminary round are ready too.

I choosed to make just three round, a battle royal where the Four last survivor of each group will pass to the next round.

I was sitted on a throne at the hightest place in the giant arena 'Geld made a really good job.'

Beside me there Shizu and Chloe, i can see Ruminas shot some envious glance but i just ignore it.

My sisters are with their partner and the demon lord are sitted together just below me.

There also Veldora 'I asked Velkia to not let him go crazy and jump in the arena.' i noticed that Velkia is really good at that.

After a moment a presenter come out 'Her name is Souka, if i remember correctly.' she is in Souei spy squad.

She introduced some important participant and let the tournament start.

The first group entered and a group of human take my attention.

The battle royal was annoying, just some weakling fighting 'There just Gobuta who seem to have improved his skill.'

The group of human just defended the one at the center.

Rimuru : (Ciel, what are they doing?)

Ciel : (The invidual at the center is Masayuki, the group around him are his admirer who are protecting him.)

Rimuru : (Hm ? How strong is this Masayuki?)

Ciel : (He possess the Hero egg but he is just as strong as Gobuta with no sign of big evolution.)

'Eh ? It's a little disapointing.' but Masayuki seem to possess a really good reputation with the human race.

There also something weird with him 'his soul is similar to Rudra...' I just decided to ignore it for now.

The Round finished with our Four survivor, Gobuta, Masayuki, a random guy and the last it's interesting, Ciel told me that he is one of the executive of the Eastern Empire, his name his Kondou.

He just have a light armor and a sword but i don't think he is at his best state 'Rudra probably want to see the difference between his and my subordinates.' and gather some informations.

I smiled and looked at Rudra who have a cheeky smile on his face.

The second round of the preliminary started and i saw something unexpected.

In the arena, there are some of my Patrons !

Rimuru : (Ciel ! Why are they here?!)

Ciel : (Master didn't forbid the participation at the preliminary.)

'They got me !' i sighed, it's too late now.

There Shion, Beretta, Gabiru, Geld, the primoradial trio and even Apito.

I can also see some other race like some giant and Tengu.

'The tengu race is a very strong race who are hostile toward their ennemy.' i have to talk to them later but why did they decided to participate ?

Ciel:(It seem that Hakurou asked his daughter the actual chief of their tribe to participate and see how master is, after the tournament they will make a judgment and choose to serve you or not.)

I nodded my head at Ciel 'Well this round will be interesting atleast.'

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