imagine 13 sammy wilk:

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"Daddy" our 4 year old daughter Alyssa yelled for her dad.

"Yes sweetheart "sam yelled back.

"Can you and mommy come read me a story"she yelled again.

Sammy got up from the couch while pulling me along with him. Tomorrow you were leaving for a road trip and you were going to be gone for two months. So you were packing up and saying your goodbyes because you were leaving early. Sam and I were reading a story to Alyssa but then she fell asleep in her daddy's arms.

"Baby i love you guys so much"i said in a hushed tone. "Im going to write you guys a note so you wont forget me"i said.

"Babe your going to be back in two months we will never forget you"sam said. He was so cute, i am so happy i married him. I wrote them both a note and set it on my desk. The next morning i woke up, everyone was still asleep. I kissed Sammy on his head and left. My friend lizzy cake and picked me up.

   While we were driving i noticed lizzy was some what falling asleep. But i thought she would wake up. So i just went back to sleep. Next thing i know i couldnt wake up.

  *Sam's pov*

  I woke up at 7:30 when i heard Alyssa jump in my bed. "Hey daddy"she said smiling with the biggest smile ever. I rubbed her brunette hair. She looked just like her mommy. Then i got a call, a very very unexpected call.

"Hello Mr. Wilkinson your wife Lana Wilkinson was in a car crash and im sorry to say this but she is dead sir." those words they were fake. Is this a joke. Did this really happen.

  Hot tears streamed down my face as i looked at my beautiful baby girl aitting there smiling, but little did she know she lost her mom. And most of all i lost my one and only. "Daddy whats wrong"Alyssa came over and tried to comfort me. Just like her mom would. I had to tell her. She is just to young, to full of life.

  "Baby girl come here"i said sitting her on my lap. "Mommy didnt make it, she is up in heaven now"i said tears streaming down my face. Then i saw her cry, gosh it broke my heart. She snuggled in to my chest, and eventually fell asleep. I layed her on our bed and went to read the note she left me.

   Sam Wilkinson im going to miss you so so much. I know its only two months but i know your not there breaks my heart. Take care of Alyssa. Never let her down, always support her, and always be there for her no matter what. Never leave her side unless you know its the right time. Raise her with care and poise. Lead her in the right direction. But dont over protect her, let her be free, let her live life young. I never regret the day we said our vows, thats how i know youre mine. You are my one and only and that will never change that. I love you. And take good care of our baby girl. Xoxoxo Lana

I will lana i will.

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