imagine 35 Jack Gilinsky:

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Still doing this. This is the last one for Em. And then we are done with the whole preference thing.

Ryder: Is 2 years old and finally able to speak. He has his mommys face shape but his daddys everything else. He is so cute and is definitely an entertainer. He always loves to steal the show like dad.

Liana: Is 5 years old and just started kindergarten. She is a handfull. She always loves to break rules and act crazy. But at the end of the day she is calm and snuggly.

Nichole: Is 15 years old. She looks just like dadand mom. She is so smart and is a great singer. I mean both of her parents are so she most have gotten the jeans.

Noel: Is just like mom. He is 18. Everything about him is his mom. He is also a fantastic singer, maybe even better then Nichole. But the most important thing to him is girls. He is just like his dad in the way that he likes to mess with girls except he is the one getting hurt.

Ems pov//

     Jack and I had a meeting for Noel. Him and I still haven't got married but we have been together for 18 years. Noel was graduating in 2 more days so we had a meeting.
   The meeting was about the rules and dress code of graduation. After that we went home. Ryder was fast asleep, Liana was on her tv, nichole was working, and Noel was hanging out with his girlfriend Kathryn who we actually like. After all of his girls he finally found Kathryn. Jack and I were snuggling till he pulled a black box out of his pocket.
  "Well will you marry me love"he said smiling up at me.
   "Totally"i said and kissed him. Just then Noel came in with tears in his eyes.
  "Mommm im sorry. Im sorry mom."he said now bent over his head in my lap.
  "Baby what happend"i said calmly.
   "I-i got her pregnant"he said i looked at my baby crying. Was this how jack was when i was pregnant with Noel.
   "Baby its okay we just have to take care of it fo her parents know"
  "Yes she needs a place to stay"
   "Well where is she know"
   "At home packing"
    "Well Noel she can stay with us baby, it will be okay"i said. He ended up stopping and calling Kathryn. Now I see how jack felt.

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