Jack Johnson

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   I was upset, depressed, and emotional. He promised me that he would never let, that he would never cheat. He told me all these lies, and I believed him. I fell for every word that came out of his mouth.


    "Riley i cheated on you"Jack said. My heart dropped I started breathing hard and I couldn't take it anymore. I ran as fast as I could. I lost where I was when I was in the middle of omaha, nowhere to be found. I didn't even know my way back. I kept walking while tears streamed down my face. I ended up tripping on a rock and falling onto the hard ground. I just laid there, to weak to even move. The day has come to a end as I shut my eyes and drifted off to sleep. 

While I was sleeping I felt someone pick me up and carry me. Being as weak as I could, I couldn't see who it was and I couldn't move. I felt a pinch in the left side of my neck, and soon i was completely knocked out. I couldn't feel nor hear anything happening to me.

    When I woke up I was clothless (meaning she had no clothes on). I was on a cold floor in a dim lit room. Then I noticed I was in some type of jail cell. I called for help, and got no response. I sank down curled in a ball, feeling so exposed. I heard loud thumps of footsteps coming towards me. I covered my eyes so I couldn't see the kidnapper. 

"boss, i'm telling you she's a keeper. She may even be our best hit"a man said in the distance. Soon the footsteps stopped and I looked up. A boy about 18 years old and a man that looked in his 30's looked down upon me. The boy unlocked the cell and let the older man come in. He squatted down near me and rubbed my cheeks.

"skin so pure and so precious, very tan and tall, men like that. She has a nice a** too" the older man said analyzing my body. I put my head down and he stood up. "bring her with the other girls, they will be excited to have someone else to talk to" the man said walking out. The boy came and dragged my arm leading me to another room. This time the cell was smaller and had 4 girls in it. All of them also clothless. He unlocked the cell and put me in with the others. I covered my chest scared of this new place. All the girls heads turned, and I went and sat at the far corner and I rolled into a ball. One of the girls started walking to me and she put her hand on my shoulder. I flinched at her touch. I looked up and she shined me a fake wide smile. She looked a little older then me, she was maybe in her late 20's. 

"sweetheart, do you know where you are" she asked in a heavy country accent. I nodded my head no and gave a weird look. "well, you should know. You are now a slave, a sex slave. Um, we go by numbers here, when they knocked us out we lost most of our memories. I am J25. The redhead over there is V67. The blonde one with pink highlights is K12. And the brunette in the corner is L98. Whatever number they put on your ankle is your new name" she said. I looked down at my ankle. 'R32' it read. I looked around at each of the girls. The redhead was really pretty around the same age as me (18). The blonde was a little older, maybe the same as J25. Then the brunette, she was huddled in a ball just like me, but she looked younger. She looked about 16 years old. She out of all the girls looked the most tore down.  Her eyes were baggy making it look like she didn't get any sleep. 

"well um i'm Riley aka R32, i'm 18. I just graduated and I also just found out I was cheated on" i said speaking up. They all turned their heads.

"welcome R32" They all said in unison except for L98. She picked up her head and gave me a weak smile.

"hello Riley" she said putting her head back into her arms were she rested on her knees. It felt good to hear my name. I liked that she was different, she seemed to see the real me instead of the fake new me. Soon i was knocked out again till i was awaken by J25. She motioned for me to follow her. All the girls were leaving the cell and we were being escorted somewhere. I continued to follow until we reached a huge area, which looked like a cafeteria. The guy let us go and get in line. "This is all the girls here, its not just us. there are exactly 110 girls in this place" L98 explained. The only food they had was rice and bread. They gave us a half a scoop of rice and one slice of bread. No wonder everyone was skin and bones here. It was so quiet for the amount of girls that are here. I looked around and realized, there is no way getting out of this.

*end of flashback*

*two years later*

         It was me and L98 left out of those girls, all of them got sold. We got "moved up". Since guys favor us the most, we are now sort of used as advertisement. We wear these slutty galaxy looking costumes. Another thing was, we weren't able to talk, we had these contraptions that would go in our mouth making us not able to speak or take it out unless another person took it out for us. We stood in the front office on opposite sides of the door that led to the cages. I would stand there and cry sometimes. I thought about Jack at these times and I really needed him.


     I was in my old family home for the week with my buddy Jack Gilinsky. I was now 20 years old and I was happy, but I felt like I was missing something. Every day I would ask myself what thing was missing.

     Jack and I were playing basketball when the ball rolled into a far ditch. I ran after it and I found it kinda far from my house. In the distance looked like a vacant building. Jack and I were bored maybe him and I could go check it out. I called for his name and he ran to me. He was out of breath and full of worry. He calmed down and I explained to him about how we should go check the place out. We ran down to the place and hopped over the fence. We started checking the place out and then we found a door. We slid it open till we walked in. A guy was sitting at a desk and 2 guys next to him.

"how may we help you"the man asked not looking up. We looked at each other. Then we kinda just looked around the room, till I landed my eyes on her. The girl I broke, now look at her. 

"Riley, holy sh-"i started but got cut off.

"TAKE HER OUT OF HERE, AND YOU TWO LEAVE"he yelled. Her pleading eyes looked into mine as a tear spilled out of her eyes. They pushed us out as I tried to break their hold to see her. Jack and I looked at each other and ran. We got back to my house and I was almost crying. It's her, she's the thing i'm missing. Jack and I tried to call the police when two  men came up behind us. They tall one knocked out jack, and right after I hit the call button the man yelled at me and almost 45 seconds later I was knocked out. 

  Someone shook me awake, when I opened my eyes I saw two police officers. I rubbed my eyes getting a better view. "hurry hurry my baby girl shes in there"i pointed to the building. "they are doing a illegal business, there is a bunch of girls there hurry help her"i said letting out a tear. They went and ran towards the building and I followed. They called for backup as  they were running and I listened. When we reached the building, we all remained silent. Then the next thing I know there is 10 cop cars and the SWAT team. I went to run inside with them to help get her. A cop came up and held me back, the ambulance sirens rang through the air. Gilinsky soon came and he was shocked. It all happened so fast.

    First thing I knew all these girls were running out and the ambulance tended to them as needed. I searched through every girl trying to find her. She was the last to walk out. Her tear stained face and torn up body. I ran as fast as i could (falling on my face... JLKKJKJKKLJKK not part of the story)... I ran as fast as i could till i reached her. She looked up and I touched her face. She flinched under my touch and even that killed me. She started crying even more and i wiped her tears away. I pulled her into my chest hugging her as she sobbed in my chest. Soon the police came out with each of the guys in handcuffs. I looked at them and was disgusted. I was disgusted at the thought that they would hurt or touch my babygirl. 

    I looked down at her and she looked up at me. She gave me a weak smile. "2 years missing you was like missing part of myself. Riley, I love you more than anything"i said smiling. Then she pulled me into a kiss and  I melted. I felt like a girl when she kissed me. I sunk into the kiss and sparks flew higher than the earths orbit. 

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