imagine 29 Sammy Wilkinson

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Reposted because it wouldnt load the rest of the imagine. Aye yall so i am Emily, kaytlin is the main owner, we co-own alot of things. Im writing this imagine btw. And omg camerons new song. Like tbh i thought it was gonna be really silly knowing him but my brother is proud of him lol so go listen to it loves. Now to the story.

Sammy and I were not friends at all, in fact i fricking hate him like alot. I told him that he was a jerk. He is just always rude to me and always talks about my butt, like im sorry but i dont want a fool to look at my butt. I mean he can sometimes seam worried from the fact that i might be hurt but rhen he start hating each other again. He hates me I hate him.

It was friday the typical party day. Everyone was at the jacks party. Since I was 19 of course we didnt have high school. Ive known Jack J since we were 8 years old. I was currently getting ready. I wore a black v-neck shirt, high-waisted black pants and a Blue romper. I grabbed my blue heels and ran out the door waiting for Johnson to pick me up at my apartments.

As we arrived at the party it was pumping up music so loud that you could probably bust an eardrum. I walked in and went to go get me a glass of vodka. I wait a minute for it to settle in and go dance. As i danced i felt eyes pricing through the back of my head. It was sammy. I just kept to myself and continued dancing. I felt someone come up and grab my waist.
I started grinding on him til i figured out it was sammy i kept grinding against him still. He slowly started breathing on my neck soon he started leading me upstairs and i let him.

Okay so this is a interactive chapter. So you guys will comment what you think happens next, write your own ending in the comments. So just leave them in the comments then we have 4 judges to judge which is best. 1St place will win a shoutout, follow,a picture edit made for themselves of their fav, and a chance to be our internet friend plus a free imagine to yourself. 2nd place will get a free imagine, a shoutout, and a cute picture edit dedicated to them. 3rd place will get a shoutout and a imagine. So please comment

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