imagine 48 John Swift:

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As I hit the wall mad at him. A loud thunk shook the house. I was pissed. First he got me pregnant then he thinks he can act like im a pieces of bird feather just flying around.
Earlier I told him to pick up his daughter Annesa at baby daycare. He leaves her there and I get called at 5:30 saying my daughter was still at the daycare. And why was that? Because my boyfriend aka my ex boyfriend left her there. I went home and we got in a fight. I told him we were breaking up and all he kept doing was looking fown at his shoes. I grabbed Annesa and went to his moms house. I dropped Annesa off so I could go back to pick up my stuff.
I walked into the house and went upstairs. I rushed past John on the couch. He was face down into a pillow. I grabbed a bag and packed Annesa and I a bah of clothes. I put them by the front door. I felt someone grabb my hand and pull me in. I felt the warmness of his chest and I melted. The smell of his cologne and the way he hugged. "Hold me"he whispered with slight tears.... I would never stop holding him...

A/n: sorry its super short I had like no time whats so ever anyway love you bye... Digit tour come see me ;)

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