Imagine 42 Nate:

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When I entered the class I saw him. The guy in my dreams. I get these weird dreams were is see things. I either draw them out or I just leave it alone. It was my first day at Westside. I walked into my class and saw the guy in my dreams. He was in almost everyone of them. The only open seat was next to him. I sat down and stared at my notebook.

After class he slowly drifted behind me. He soon broke away to go to his class. Through out the day wherever he saw me he would watch me consistently. As the day ended I went to the gym. The school was open after hours, and I wanted to make the basketball ball team so I went to practice. There was a few guys on the other court which was fine because i needed only the other. I went to the locker rooms and changed into spandex and a old t-shirt. I walked out and grabbed a ball. Once i started bouncing it the guys look over. 3 of them brunette and one blonde. When i looked back I saw the guy.

We all continued with our practice and soon they stopped for water. I was still practicing. The boy whom stared at me the whole day was watching closely as I kept missing. The other boys just lost in thier thoughts. The boy with the tattoos aka the dream boy, walked over to me and grabbed my hips.

"You got to position yourself a little bit away from the net

So that way you can pull off and push to get the ball in"he said while turning my hips slightly. I blushed a little and continued as I made my shot in. His friends looked at him. The brunette with a jawline and nice eyebrows wiggled his eyebrows and smirked. The other 2 were quite shocked. "Would you want to play with us"he said.

"Um sure"i said biting my lip. Not in a seducing way but more of a nervous way.

"Ok well I'm nate. That's Sammy, jack J, and jack g"he said pointing to them. "Youll be on Sam and Gilinskys team. They are trying to get better so it will be a learning experience for all"he said laughing.

"We're gonna beat you nate. With her on our side"gilinsky said giving me a high five. Sam just walked past me and smiled. I just shook it off and went on and played. Blocking out each of the guys and thier convos I ended up leading the team. By the end of the game it wss tied. We decided to leave it as it is. I grabed my sweatshirt and put it over my t-shirt. I started walking out towards the direction my house was in. I walked to and from school everyday. As i was walking i heared someone. I turned around and saw nate.
"Hey i know about the visons, i have them too"he said out of breath.
"Omg no way i thought i was going crazy"then after that moment i knew i wasnt crazy

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