Jack Johnson Imagine 50

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"JACK EDWARD JOHNSON I LOVE YOU"i yelled as he was on stage. I was a fan of course. I've never met them before but I got tickets but not V.I.P tickets. I knew I wouldn't meet them but hey might as well. This place was so pumped. It was their last song and everyone was tired. I sat on the floor and started to curl up, everyone was loud and I just wanted to chill. It was getting dark and soon I felt myself getting tired. I fell asleep with my kness brought into my chest. I am a heavy sleeper let me tell you that. It felt like I was sleeping awhile. I had a dream that I fell off a building. I woke up startled considering I thought the dream was real.
I was laying on a black leather couch. I knew I didn't have any sort of leather in my house. I got up quick and looked around. What if some random stranger picked me up. Omg im going to die. I felt my pocket and my phone was gently placed in my back pocket. I texted my mom telling her I was okay but quite confused on were I was at. I heard someone walked in, their footsteps really loud. Then I saw a tall blonde boy whom btw is gorgeous in person. I practically fell on the couch. Not really but that would be funny. I just swallowed the lump in my throat. I dusted myself off and looked around.
"Hey your up, would you uh like anything" he said scratching the back of his head.
"No thanks im good"i said giggling. Gosh why did I giggle ughh. I heard a pair of footsteps again.
"Hey J, did you see the soap" a bleached haired boy walked in. He had no just a towel showing his perfect outline.
"Sammy didnt you forget we had a visitor"johnson said to sam.
"Oh well she isn't the only one who has seen all this sexiness" sam said. I laughed and looked away.
"Well uh go please"johnson said. Wow that was rude. "Sorry i just dont want them to get to you before me"he laughed. I didnt quite hear him at first. I just shook it off. "So whats your name sweetie"he asked.
"Im vanessa"i said shyly.
"Beautiful name... Do you need a ride"he asked.
"Wait you dont have a car"i said laughing.
"But I can get us a taxi and i can take you on our first get to know each other date"he said scratching the back of his head.
"Ha a date sure" i said laughing. After that he got us a taxi and gave the man a adress. We ended up going to Olive Garden. I got to know the boy ive been in love with for 2 years...

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