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Okay so first of all can yall read my new book 'everything makes a picture'.Also go read "scars".And this is going to be a bomb imagine. Plus changed the name and cover if yall are wondering. In Sammy's POV. Warning, may cause feels or complete sadness.

-Sam's POV-

Today I was all on twitter and instagram. When I was scrolling through I saw this really pretty girl. Her user name was @Marrianamaclerszz. I clicked on her profile. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. Nice smile too. I followed her and even dmed her.

Me:hey cutie wanna talk (not a stalker)
Marriana: lol cool and yeah sure
Me:alright cool.

We talked for the longest time eventually she wanted to be friends.

*4 months later*

Marriana and I both talked forever. She made me so happy. Although, whenever I happend to ask her to facetime she made an excuse. She only sent me two pictures. I have her snapchat but she only sends pictures of her dogs. I kinda wanted to meet her, if she makes me this happy i ought to know who she is.
I called my friend Jeffery over to help us figure out who she was. He was like a computer genesis. All he had to do was hack her snapchat and find her adress. She lived in LA as well as us. She only lived 4 miles away from us exact. I texted her asking her if she wanted to meet up. Her response: Im at home working, I cant. So it was time to go. I hoped in my car and left. My palms started sweating from getting so nervous.
I exited my car and grabbed my keys. I walked to the front door and knocked. I waited and waited til someone unlocked the door. It wasn't her.
"Oh my, sam?"she said.
"Are you Marriana?"i said.
"Uh yeah"she said looking down. She wasnt the girl in the pictures. She had brown curly hair, dark chocolate eyes, a gorgeous model face, but the thing that stuck out the most was her stomache. She was pregnant.
"Care to explain?"i said a little upset.
"Come on in"she said. I followed her into the house and sat next to her on the couch. "So first off my story and why i need to explain. I am 18. But my parents left me when I was 12. I got put with my druggy aunt. When i turned 17 my friends got into gangs. And this year i got raped by one of the guys and he got me pregnant. I changed my profile pic on twitter so he wouldnt find me. This is my friends house and she lets me live here, but soon when the baby comes i need to leave"she said. Immediately i understood why she did that. She was so gorgeous but it didnt matter about looks her personality was great. I saw tears well up in her eyes then they started to come up in mine.
She started to cry and I held her close to me. I started to cry too and we both started crying. "Marriana please come with me live with me, i have an extra room for a nursery, we can make it through this love always makes it through"i said. She just stared at me and I stared back. I pushed back a strand of her hair and pulled her in for a long passionate kiss. It felt good.

*2 months later*

Marri moved in with me and we created a room for baby Ezekiel. He was going to take my last name because Marri didnt want him to grow up without a father. Her and I on the other hand were great. At first I was a little mad that she lied but I got over it and we fell in love. I haven't told her I love her yet but I do. I Love Marriana Maclers!!!!!
"Sam... SAM!!"
"Marri what happend"
"My water broke"
"O my gosh!! Come here"i picked her up bridal style and ran down the the car. I put her in and buckled her up. As we were on our way there she kept saying ow.
"Shh baby its okay"
I ran to the side and grabbed her. She was sweating really bad. When we got in the lady took her in a wheel chair to the room. The got her ready and layed her down.
"Sam, im not ready"
"Marriana, i love you no matter what"
"Sam, thats the first time you have ever said that to me"she started tearing up. I kissed her ever so passionately and melted in her lips.
"Oh shiz its coming like right now"as soon as she said that the nurses and doctor walked in. They told her to push and baby Ezekiel was finally born. She got to hold him and she started crying. When I held him I even started to tear up.
"Sammy, we have our family"

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