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Sorry i was bored ^^
So if yall didnt know Em and i switch between who writes these imagines, Em is going to write this one for her. So P.S this is her imagine about her.

        Everyday is dance class. The only time we dont have dance classes is when there is a school dance. And tomorrow was the Valentine's day dance for my school. I didnt have a date but who cares. I was still going to go anyway, I love dancing.

      Today was practice, we did warm ups, a routine by this one girl, and my first routine. I was captain of the dance team, it was hard getting that position I litterally had to create a cool dance to a song. I technically assist anyone who needs help setting up a routine and I also make the routines. Lindsay was doing a routine to UpTown Funk. I was doing a routine to "Life Support" By: Sam Smith, and "Bubblegum" By:Jason Derulo, dont ask not my choice. We had a all day tournament Saturday which was in two days. Im scared because I have a HUGE solo dance and me and Lindsay made most of the dances.

        So we were practicing our songs when lindsay fell and broke her ankle. As captain I needed someone to replace her. I asked everyone and no one rose their hand. So it was me leading this team. After practice I was walking home. Then a black Honda came up to me. I was going to run but it was pooring in rain. I just kept walking until the guy in the car yelled "hey is that you Emily, you need a ride"it was Jack Johnson, the school popular kid. I was soaked so why not?

"yeah kinda thanks"i said back to him. i hopped in his car only in what I practiced in. Which was spandex and a fall out boys tee. He looked at me up and down and he shifted in his seat. He looked at the road, one hand on the wheel, and the onter resting on the middle consol. He looked quite fabulous. His hair was just spiked up perfectly, he was wearing kahkis, and a black and white tee. Gosh he looked gorgeous. NO emily dont do this to yourself, he is popular, and he probably only wants you in bed, even though you wouldnt mind that at all. Bot NO.

"Emily you look a little cold ther, wanna use my jacket"he said. I almost declned but I was cold, I was shaking. He grabbed his red westside hoddie from the back and handed it to me. I slipped it over my headand immediatly felt this warm imbrace. This jacket, it smelt so good, it smelt like him. Yummy. The rest of the ride to my house was quite. once we got there i was about to take off the hoddie when he said "keep it then when you come to my party tommorow after the school dance youll give it to me"he said.

"okay then, bye"I said and waved like a weirdo. I kept the hoodie on and changed my soaked shorts, then I went to bed. 

    I woke up this morning really happy for some reason. I put on black skinny jeans, a ed sheeran shirt, and a cute black cardigan. I grabbed my vans and left for school. They day went by fast and it was finally the school dance. For the dance i wore a black skater skirt, a red lace at the top shirt, and black vans. I knew i was going to be dancing so i wore black spandex underneath.

     When i got to the dance it was crowded. I saw my friend Kyleigh and ran to her, then my friend trinity came to us. We were all dancers so we knew hoq to dance. Hot boy by: bobby shmurda came on and we did at thing. Then a group of boys Lake, Derrick, and Justin came up and challenged us to a dance battle. They were one the guys dance team so I was kinda scared but i couldn't leave a competition.

       The girls and i agreed to do it. We lined up facing one another. Me right in the middle front, Kyliegh to my right, and trinity to my left. The guys lined up in front of us woth derrick facing me. Then confident by: Justin Beiber came on. We did our thing. The guys did bad. We all got hoots and hollers from the crowed we had surrounding us.

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