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Hey guys so i just updated my book 'scars' and its getting good. Also if you want read some of my other stories. Enjoy! :)

I walked down my hallway and down the stairs. My mom wasn't home, and my dad was dead already. I was already dressed but nothing fancy, just some Joggers and a tank top. I put on my black and white flannel. Ive been so out of it lately and I just dont know why.
I walked to fry's/kroger and got some starbucks. I just walked around with my drink looking at stuff. Then I saw a man looking at bleach and cleaning supply. He was struggling holding all of the items.
"Would you like some help"i said. I finally noticed all his features, a toned body, pretty eyes, tattoos on his arms, and his cute little nose.
"ha sure" i grabbed some of his things and followed him to the check out. I was curious on why he had this cleaning supply. We walked to the counter and he specifically picked that line to go in.
"Hey Nate how are you, we haven't talked since that one crazy night" the girl at the counter stated. She puffed out her chest and tried to act all cute by twirling her hair.
"Oh yea haha cool"he payed and rolled his eyes. I helped him with his bags and he talked to me a little bit. "I never got your name lil mamma"he told me. A smirk plastered on his face.
"My uh name is Liane"i told him.
"Cute nane for a cute girl"he told me. His smirk got wider showing his dimples. Apparently he didn't bring his car but he lived close. I walked with him and we were walking behind the fry's market. Behind was really really empty land, it slowly started getting dim in the sky. The. After 16minutes of walking in the middle if no where we reached a vacant house. I was quite scared yet curious considering this boy was quite intriguing. We walked to his front door and he unlocked it.
"Wait here one second" he told me. He shut the door leaving me out here. I heard srambling and then a yelp. But not his yelp more like a girl yelp. I ignored it when he came back out. "Come on in"he said.
I walked in and followed him into what looked like the kitchen. He bought alot of plastic wrap. "Hey you uh wanna stay over, its a lil creepy but its not like im a masked dark serial killer"he told me wiggling his eyebrows. I told him I'd only stay a little bit because i had to go. Maybe I could get to know him. We went over to his couch and sat fown. The couch was a little dusty and old just like this whole house. "Tell me about yourself lil mamma"
"Well I've lived in LA my whole life, my dad died when i was 5 in a plane crash, my mom is a hoe and sleeps with anyone to get money, im 19, im going to a community college, and thats about it how about you"i said.
"Well im Nate, I do something for a living im 20, my parents are both dead, my dad was mean, my mom loved me, I dont go to college at all"he told me.
"Why did your parents die"i asked.
"Oh uh yea"he said.
"You can tell me anything"i said.
*nate POV*

I fell for those eyes. Crap! Why did it have to be her? She was just so curious. I want to tell her, I hate to lie. So thats what im gonna do Im going to tell her, not about me but about them.
"My uh dad abused my mom he told me not to worry. Then he would show me that girls needed to be punished by bring hit. Then one night my mom came home late from work, my dad was drinking. He grabbed his glass and threw it at my mom right infront of me. He threw my mom and I in a room. He locked the door and looked to my mom and he beat her infront of me. He uh grabbed a knife and sliced her throat right down the middle. He told me if I moved or told anyone that what happend to my mom would happen to me."i told her. Durning the middle of telling her she put her hand on my thigh making me melt.
"Then what happen to your dad"she asked. There she goes again those damn eyes. I had to tell someone about it.
"I killed him, i was 12, and I brought a gun to his head. The police came and I told them that my mom was laying in a toom rotting to death and that he tried to hurt me. They were so worried about everything else that they left me and no one called child protection" I told her. That was one of my deepest and darkest secrets. One of them.
*back to liane*

He told me and I felt so so bad. We hung out the rest of the night, although he might seem crazy he was just the right amount of crazy, ive always wanted to kill my mom. Wierd I know right? I started falling asleep and soon I did. Around 12 am i woke up to a shift in the bed, I opend my eyes a little and saw Nate leave the bed. Maybe he had to pee.
It was about 15 minutes later and I was curious. I got out of the bed slowly walking down the old stairs. There was a room next to the living room and a bright light was shinning through it. I walked up to the door and peaked so he didn't notice. A girl about my age sat on a metal table and was completely naked. The plastic wrap was everywhere around the room. Then i saw nate in a chair sliding up by her. She had a sock in her mouth to muffle out sounds.
He put on gloves and had a knife. My leg gave out on me and I fell a little. "Lil mamma did you see that"he yelled.
I walked in the room not afraid of him. "Wow a girl thats not afraid" he said. He smirked and looked back at what he was doing. "Lets see how brave you are"he handed me the knife and told me to do it. And i did, it felt so good. It felt like all my anger was let loose. "Wow brave lil mama brave"he said holding my hips.
After that we picked everything up. I was standing in the doorway and he came over and leaned his body up against mine. "How about a kiss"he asked.
"On one condition, you help me kill my mom"i said.
"Deal"he said he leaned in a kissed me. We are now I guess partner's in crime maybe a little more then that.

Guys this is really freaking i have no clue why I wrote this. I would never do this honestly it was so wierd to write this.

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