imagine 43 John Swift:

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Im sofia and I go to a public college in omaha Nebraska. Everyday i walked to my apartment and back to school. Although it was tiering I had to do it. One night I was walking home. It was dark and freezing.
I heard someone honk at me, i turned and saw none other then John Swift. "Get in"he said. I didn't hesitate i could have died out there. And i knew him. I mean he was my ex boyfriend. "Hey sofia how are you since you randomly dumped me"he said laughing.
"Im doing great"i said smiling,
"Thats just great, wanna go to nates with me. We got smoke today"he said.
"Sure why not"after i said that he looked at me with shocked eyes. He turned back to the road and continued driving. I needed to get my mind off things anyway. We walked into a familiar house. Then upstairs to nates room. When john and I walked in it was Sammy, Some blonde chick, Nate, and some other chick. The other chick left and didnt say anything, the other stayed. After taking 4 hit from one blunt we each played truth or dare. Like little kids they were kiss him or pee out the window. Then there was nate that did the ultimate dares. I was scared to get picked. And of course he picked me.
"Ha sofia i dare you to straddle swazz and make out with him for 3 minutes"he said. Being higher then a cloud I went along. I placed each leg on either side of him. He lightly clutched my thigh as i started to kiss him. Then he was the one to make the first move. He added his tounge and we both fought for dominance. Then he lifted me up and pulled me to his car. We got in his cat and he drove me home. We got to my place and he kissed my on the cheek "i still love you"......

Sorry its short yall

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