imagine 19 Jack Gilinsky

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Double update because im bored and i have a requested imagine. Imagine requested. Made for jazx ily.

* Jazx PoV*

I was sitting on the couch with my boyfriend Jack Gilinsky. We have been dating for 2 months now, i know right so long(sarcastic).

We were watching mean girls and cuddling all day. Till the door bell rang. I went to go open it. There before me stood my cousin, Louise. Gosh was she a slut. She wore the shortest short and a tank top that clearly showed her whole top half.

"Hey cuz"she said all yippy. She ran over to Gilinsky and hugged him "hey there doll"she said. Ew. Thats gross. Gilinsky was just looking down at her probably cheacking her out. It made me self conscious and i was wondering if I was good enough for him.

"Hi there"he said dtill looking at her. Wow my own fricking boyfriend. Gilinsky looked at her then was kinda in dicuss and he walked over to me and grabbed my waist.

"What the hell are you doing her Louise "i said strictly. I dont have time for her bs.

"I came to visit my favorite cousin of course"she said like a flipppinv annoying brat. And trust me she was. I shook my head and walked over to the recliner chair and sat down, with Gilinsky on the two person couch. Then Louise came in and sat litterally on him not next to him, on him.

"Was there like no other room on the couch"i said staring at her.

"Oh haha sorry didnt notice that"she said obviously lieing. Jack got up and sat on me. He didnt put all his wait on me so i was fine. We were all having a perfect covo. I was rubbing Jack's back under his shirt. Louise kept staring.

After a while i had to cook some dinner for my mom would be home soon. I cooked spaghetti and was making it really good. Jack anf Louise were talking and I was her grab his thigh. Then i saw the worst thing ever. They exganged phone numbers. I ran into the living room pissed.

"GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE AND AWAY FROM MY BOYFRIEND AND HOW COULD YOU JACK BOTH OF YOU GO GET A ROOM WE ARE DONE"i yelled i was so mad at him and her. Louise left and kept looking at Jack then winked before opening the door and leaving.

"Jazx i can explain"jack said trying to be forgiven. I was done, I shook my head tears running down my face he left and I just stood there letting the tears fall.

*5 days later*

I was in my room and i stayed there. I never left. Jack hasnt posted anything since the last time we talked and his fan base was getting a little mad. I was curled up in a ball listening to the neighborhood on replay. Then i heard the door, aince my parents weren't home i had to get the door.

There before me stood Jack in a black hoodie and tears running down his face, his hair wet from the rain, and his eyes red. I knew he was hurt just as bad as I was. As bad as i wanted to i couldnt just jump in his arms.

"Jazx please let me explain"i nooded speechless he would actually come for me again. "She was telling me about her mom and i felt bad so I gave her my phone number, i was actually really disscusted by her, i love you, and i never go to tell you that"he said and began crying. "Jazx i am deeply in love with you. Then and there I loved him. I kissed him and he kissed back. He was mine and i knew how heart broken he was and how i completely foxed his heart and put it back like a puzzle.

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