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I was in Omaha for a week with my boyfriend Jack Johnson. We were both age 21 and we hadn't visited his family in a while. Him an I lived in LA for awhile. We weren't exactly married yet, but we were planning on it.

I was getting sick lately an I missed my period and we all known what that means. I told jacks mom I was gonna run to our hotel because I forgot my inhaler. I went to the store grabbed some test went to the back of the store and went to the bathroom. They all came out positive, oh crap what was I gonna tell jack. I figured he probly would be mad or happy. But I honestly didn't know what to do, all girls don't know what to do in this situation.

I went back to Jack's parents house. Him and his brother went to go to some go-karting place. I decided to tell his mom because she was a girl and she would probly understand. "Uhh so um I'm uh pregnant"I said to his mom. "Oh really Emma, well have you told Jack"she said. "Uh no not yet I just found out like 15 minutes ago"I said. "I'm so happy for you guys, but you know your gonna have to tell Jack"she said. "I know and I'm kinda scared"I said. She looked down and continued cooking.

I got a text from Johnson

Babe: hey babe we are coming home

Me: ok baby ily

Man was I nervous. I herd a knock and knew it was them. I told Jack that we needed to talk outside in private. "Umm Jack umm I'm umm kinda pregnant"I said. H looked shocked b just stood there I was heartbroken how can he just stand there and not say anything to me. I decided to leave, I grabbed my purse and left. He was standing there shocked still wasn't saying anything, he didnt even bother stopping me.

I reached the hotel and started crying. I herd a knock on the door. I open it and surprise surprise its jack Johnson. "Emma just listen please"he said. I had nothing better to do so why not, I noded my head. "Emma I love you and having baby won't change that it will make us stronger. I didn't speak because I didn't known hat to sy I was so happy for us an our family's. Emma I love the thought of us being a family, and most of I have a thought of us before I even met you, I'm sorry"he said. W hugged an I kissed him I was so happy in life right now.

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