imagine 21 sammy wilk:

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hold up im sorry I am so immature. 21 hahahhahahahahahhahahhah sorry anyway double update:

*this chapter might get heated*just saying because*DADDY*no like bad stuff thoe just making out*

Late night on a saturday I had school work. Going to collage sucks booty hole. I had to study for my weekly exam in science. My boyfriend Sammy was coming tonight at 8. I didnt even notice it was almost 8 and this house looks like what happens after my dad eats mexican. I needed to clean up, I need to take a shower, and I need to finsish studing. I cleaned our room and went to take a shower, I changed into spandex, a sports bra, and a tank top. I slipped on my pink nike socks that matched my tank. I walked back in the room only to see my boyfriend lying across our bed.

"sammmmyyyy"i yelled, I hoped on him and straddled him and just hugged him. I missed him, I missed being near him, feeling his warmth. I didnt even noticed I missed it. I hated being those type of girls who are all preppy and pircky to there boyfriends. Sure I loved Sammy but I wasnt going to flippen yell and try to be like those #ifwedate posts. NO, thats just not us, not our relationship.

"hi baby ive missed you"he said smiling like a dork.

"no stop being a cheassey butthole"i said.

"Lin is it bad that i missed yo booty more"he said placing his hand right on my butt. I smiled at my little dork and lent in. Both of our faces meeting each other. Our lips moved in sync til it started to get rough. He flipped us over to were he was hovering over me. Our lips never left each other till his left only to reach my neck. It felt so good. He started nibbling at my neck, which was sure to leave a mark. I started to moan, the pleasure was to powering. (this is so weird sorry).

"uhhhhhh DADDY WILK" then i remembered i had tostudy. I threw him off of me and ran to study.

"really lindy"he said I just rolled my eyes and studied.

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