imagine 11 jack gilinsky :

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I was a huge fan of all the magcon boys, espically them omaha boys. I wasnt addicted just a fan that bought merch and sat on her phone. I lived in Goodyear, Arizona my whole life. "Tess keep on hun" my mom said. we where currently at the supermarket. We where walking down the milk asile wheni noticed someone fimiliar. It was Jack Gilinsky. I didnt know what to do. So i went up to him, i wasnt even thinking. "hey jack can- can uh i get a picture with you"i said smiling and sort of laughing

"Sure thing babe"he said. by now my mom went to go get more hluse hold items. We took a picture and started talking.

"thanks, so what brings Jack Gilinsky to arizona"i said. He slightly smirked at me.

"well i came to see kenny, you know its after the holidays, so jack and i decided to spend time with our close friends" he said and smiled. "so you wanna just talk"he said. i nooded my head yes and we walked and sat at the starbucks in the store. we talked for almost 30 minutes untill i had to go. "wait tess, let me give you my number." we both exchanged numbers and left.

The next morning i woke up to a text.

Gilinsky: hey tess wanna hang out.. today is my last day in AZ..

Tess: hey dude, and sure why not

I got ready and we hung out. We where now currently eating at In-and-out. After that day he went home to LA but he still talked to me everyday.


tess: hey dude

Gilinsky: hey tess i have something to tell you.

tess: yah dude what up

Gilinsky: these past few months have been great spending most of my time talking to you. You make me so happy and make me smile amd sometimes it just makes my day to see your face. Your so pretty and talented. Your smart and intellegent. I know im definetly not great at words, but your just so perfect i had to tell you. Tess i really like you, like, like you. Your so full of life even if your busy with college or even your job. You know how to be happy in the craziest situations. Tess will you be my girlfriend

Tess: yes, jack, yes i will.

And that was how me and my husband met.

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