Sammy WIlkinson

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I walked into class as usual and sat down bored as hell already. I grabbed my note book sat it on my desk and started to fall asleep.

"Ms. Parks no sleeping in my class"said my teacher.

"sorry Mr. Wilkinson i just find your class useless, what's the point in US history"i said. Then walked in his 21 year old son, I practically fainted. I just turned 18 it's legal. I just wanna jump on him and rip off his clothes and yum.

"well Ms. Parks US history teaches you life lessons"he responded. I just kept staring at the supermodel of a son he had. "Samuel what do I owe the pleasure"he said to his gorgeous son.(sorry for the sammy wilk teacher disappointment)

"Dad i'm staying at your house this week because I just got back from LA"Sam said. If he was in Nebraska for a week that meant i needed to devise a plan. Mr. Wilkinson excused the class and I walked out. I felt someone next to me. "hi" said Sam. This might be easier then I thought. I leaned against the lockers and I looked up at him.

"Hi i'm Jenna Parks, nice to meet you"i said sticking out my hand for him to shake it. Instead of shaking it he grabbed my hand and kissed it. I blushed a little.

"I'm Sam Wilkinson ha ha" he said. I continued walking to the front of the  school. "Do you want a ride, I kinda wanna take you on a date"he said.

"who said I would say yes" i said smirking. He grabbed my ass.

"i knew you would lil mama now let's go to my car"he said grabbing my hand leading me to his car. We drove to a nearby frozen yogurt area and go what we wanted, he even payed what a gentleman. 

"so what does your dad owe the pleasure of you"i said chuckling. He looked down at his yogurt cup.

"I dropped out of college so I can continue writing music and all that, maybe even a producer. My dad doesn't know and i'm quite scared of his reaction"same said.

"hey, it will be okay I promise and if he kicks you out stay with some friends or stay with me if you um would like. My mom's easy going just very christian."i said laughing along with him. we talked for a long ass time and it was amazing. He is so interesting and funny. He is only 21 but damn boi. His bleached hair and his nice ass jawline like for real, this moment with him was indescribable. He was absolutely perfect, very well organized, funny, smart, cute, and not a f***boy thank god. "can I drive you somewhere" i said. He nodded his head yes and tossed me his car keys. 

   We drove for a hour till I pulled into the abandoned house. I ran out and grabbed his hand pulling him with me. I started climbing up to the treehouse, he was following behind me. He stood at the top looking out the fourth wall that was missing. The view was the lake and its viney trees and swampy marsh. 

"wow" he said in awe. I looked down and sat right on the edge letting my feet dangle. "why here"he asked. I entangled my fingers together and looked down at my hands.

"when my parents got divorced this was my dad's house. My younger brother and I would switch between houses. Some stupid kids wanted to plan a prank so the set of firecrackers which led to a fire. I remember running out to the treehouse he built me and curling in a ball waiting for him to come get me. Half of our house burned before the fire was put out. My brother was safe outside, and the had to take down this side of the wall because my door wouldn't open. So now one wall is missing and it happen to be this wall. My dad loved this place. He built me this little tree house where I could keep my dolls and dress up outfits. He did everything to make me and Justin happy. so yeah"i finished. I felt his hand slide into mine as a source of comfort and i just held tight to his hand. He picked up me head and wiped away my tear leaning in and he kissed me.

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