Imagine 51 Sam..

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I went to go pick up Joshua out of his crib. "Teala Lets just chill"he said from downstairs. Today was our off day. I walked down stairs with my 7 month old son. Sam was sitting on the couch watching tv. I sat down in his lap with our baby sitting on my lap. Joshua flipped when he saw his daddy.
"Babble bbjbahb"joshua babbled excitingly.
"Your my baby boy"sam said smiling.
"Babb balb bable"
"Mine, and so is your mommy" sammy smiled at me. His smiled warmed me and made me feel at home. I looked at my too baby boys.


At 4 am we were rushed to the hospital as my water broke. I was having contractions like crazy. Sam walked with me as fast as I could to get this baby out of me. He signed us into the front desk and they lead us to our room. They set me up in a gown and tested to see how far I was dialated (idk how to spell it whoops oh well). I was dialated by 3cm, which meant I had about 6 more cm. Sam set down our bag and we waited for the nurse to check us in. She took my blood and hooked me up to the machine. Sam had no chill.
"Babe we, just it needs, i want ughhh i cant f****** talk ergg"he said.
"Baby calm down okay. It will be okay. Im more calm then you are and im the one giving birth. Now babe call your mom and mine"i laughed at him. It was definitely a sight to see. He grabbed his phone.
"Mom, yea, her water broke, you just yelled in my ear, okay well we are at the hospital on reems and cirs road, okay well she probably wont have him right this second but i dont know, alright see you later"he said. "Okay now your mom". He dialed my mom and was twitching. "Hey Mrs.Davis her water broke, yeap we are at the hospital right now, as of right now she more calm then me, oh your on your way now, okay see you in a minute"he ended the call. He grabbed a chair and pulled it close to my bed.
We sat maybe for an hour. The pain was getting stronger. My mom, dad, brothers, stepdad, Sam's parents, Sam's siblings, and all our friends were here. It was around 6am. I could feel Joshua moving and pushing down on me. I groaned loud. Sam hopped up quick and held my hand.
"Babe im fine just a little pain baby calm down"i said laughing.
"I want you to be okay baby"
"I will"
He held my hand and people came into visit us. By 8 am I was dialated at 7cm, which meant 2 more cm. I was starting to get really bad pains. I walked around. I ended up getting the epidural at 6cm dialated. I wanted to stand but the medicine probabky wont let me. Sam was falling asleep holding my hand. I rubbed his face with my hand admiring his beautiful features. I started get really bad pains. I tapped on Sams shirt. "He's coming like right now. I can feel it" i said. Sam woke up quick. My mom came by me and Sam's mom stood by the other side of me. The rest of them were out in the waiting room.
Sam got the doctor and came by me, he grabbed my hand and had a scared look on his face. I just smiled through all the pain. Then soon the world welcomed

Joshua Thomas Wilkinson

He was the cutest thing ever.

End of flashback

I looked at my boys giggling at each other. I gave Josh to Sam so I could go into the kitchen and make a shopping list. I watched from the kitchen as Sam patted his back and tickled him. Our son was almost one and we pretty much have had the best time with him. I finished making my grocery list. Sam got Joshua packed up into the car and we were on our way to the store. On our way there Sam played 'aye ma' and made Joshua laugh. We made it to the store and got out. Sam grabbed Josh and put him in the cart. I walked passed them and Sam slapped my but. I yelped and laughed at his weird interaction with me.
We were walking down the milk aisle when I saw someone who looked similar like my brother. Right after we had Joshua my brother went missing and he never called. He looked over and I saw my brother, or atleast I thought I did. I told sam I'd be back and he looked confused. I ran towards the man that I thought was my older brother.
"Justin is that you"i said running after the man. He soon started running and Sam came up with the baby. Soon the man stopped and looked back at us. He started walking towards us and I grabbed Josh from Sam. The man walked to us and took down his hoddie. It was my brother, my heart sank. I hadn't seen his since Joshua was born. He had watery eyes and he was looking at Joshua.
"Hey Teal im here"my brother said. He had tears in his eyes now and was looking at joshua. "wanna catch up or something"he said. I responded by nooding my head. We ended up leaving with my brother in his car to chipotle. There we caught up and talked.
After, Justin was about to take as back before a guy in a black hoodie came and knocked my brother out. Then sam, and the next thing I know im knocked out too.
When I woke up, I was in a warehouse. My hands were tied to a pole. Looking around for my baby I see a car seat sitting not to far from me. I look and see Joshua is asleep. I look to my right and see sam completely knocked out. Then I look forward seeing my brother tied up on his knees. The black figure comes walking up to my brother. He grabs my brother by his hair and pulls his neck up.
"You didn't help me. You had no choice but to help and you didn't. Now I have your family and im gonna show you what its like to lose something. He started walking close to the car seat. Sam awoken and saw the man. He started to get up to save our son. The man turned around and hit sam to the ground, sam landed right by my feet. Instead of taking the baby he grabbed sam and dragged him by his hair.
"Dont you dare" my brother said.
"Oh so you wanna take the fall okay tuff boy"the man said. He walked over to my brother grabbing him by his hair leaving him with a open neck. I started screaming but my cries were muffled by the cloth in my mouth. He brought the blade to my brothers neck and completely made a straight line down his throat. I was now seeing my brother have blood drip out his mouth and his neck. My brothers eyes were wide with terror as he met his death. I was crying and screaming but no one heard me. Sam looked at me crying and started crying too. He got up to attack the man but failed when the knife cut through his stomachach. The man turned and saw me screaming. He ran over unhooked me and left just leaving me here. I ran over to sam.
"Get josh i wanna see him"he said. I ran over to josh picking him up. I ran back over to sammy who now had blood everywhere. I set the car seat down near sam. Sam got up on his forearms. "My beautiful baby boy"he said. He then looked at me. He stroked my cheeks which were now tears stained. I grabbed my phone and call 911. He kept hold of my face as I was crying. "My beautiful beautiful baby girl. How could I ever love something so much"he coughed. There was no reception for calling the police and my boyfriend was dieing. Sam layed down on the hard floor staring at me. He grabbed my hands.
"I love you"he whispered before his eyes closed.
"No sam dont... Dont say that they always say that before they die and your not dieing. So just dont say that baby please"i was now sobbing into his chest. I felt his breathing and soon there was none.
I started crying even more. Soon i heard sirens, then loud runs over to us. They picked up my baby and tried to pick up me. I thrashed and kicked. "No no no you cant take me away from him nooo"i said crying. I tried to kick away and soon my body gave out and i couldn't anymore. I just sobbed and cried. They put me in the car next to my baby. He was wide awake, he looked at me. And poor baby didnt know what just happend. And that his daddy just died and he was there to see it......

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