Imagine 28 Jack Johnson:

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I was the biggest fan in the world of Jack and jack. Litterally, theses boys had me messed up more then that joke made at the beiber roast about his mom. I had my fan account, , but I only had 970 follows. This day was my lucky day. Jack Johnson like my photo, not just any photo but a selfie of me. I'm only 17 an he is like technically 19. Well I mean we could date, Gilinsky an Madison are so hey why not me. I'm older then her anyway, turning 18 in October.

That's not the point thoe, jack Johnson noticed me, he noticed wat I looked like. Oh crap, what if he thought I was ugly, what if he though I looked bad, an what if he thought I was fat.Emily just shut up and enjoy your moment, I started dancing around my room cheering an screaming then I got a DM. From.... Jack Johnson OMG OMG omg. I opened it.


Hey, so you are a fan right?


Its in my account name can't you tell


Haha well I just want to like, get to know you


really? I am A fan that is crazy about you, and you want to get to know me.


Yes ma'am


well then

Him and I continued talking for the rest of the night. We walked bout hobbies n technical things we do on a daily basis. Then he asked a weird question "I'm going to UK soon an uh I kinda want you an a friend to come so w can like actually hang out is that okay"


Uh duhhhh


Good great then I'll see you then. Uh yeah pay goodnight.


Goodnight jack

* 2 weeks later UK *

Okay Kaylin let's do this. We departed the plan and went to go get our bags. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder I turned around and saw Jack. I almost flipped I didn't know he was going to be here. "Omg jackkkkk ahhh sorry gosh like what are all doing here" i SAID.

"Came to pick you up"

"Jack you didn't have to"

"No em I wanted to"

"Alright love birds let's go" gilinsky said behind us.

It felt like a dream. My two favorite idols were standing in front of me picking me up at a airport. And to add on to it we are in the frickin UK. We left the airport and wen to the hotel. The place was nice, I was sharing a room with kaylin and of course jack an back already a their room. Jack came in my room while kaylin went on her shopping spree.

"So you happy your birthday is tommorow"I said.

"I mean yeah duh like well I'm going to be 19"he said.

"Er ma gerd we should do a you now til 12 then celebrate your birthday"I yelled and grabbed my laptop.

I turned on you now and said hi we waited for people to get on. We did the you now til 11:55 because we were tired. He stayed in my room till 12 thoe. But w ha no idea were kaylin was. When the clocked reached 12, jack was officially 19.

"Yyyyayayyayaayyayayya its yo birthday happy birthday"I said. I went to go hug him but our lips met instead. The kiss was slow and long but passionate. We kept kissing till there was a knock on the door. Jack just blushed and rubbed his neck. He opened the door an it was Kay.

"Bye em" he said and kissed my check. He left and we all just went to bed.... The end...

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