Imagine 45 Jack Johnson:

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"I can be your first i can be your last"i sang as i did my I was famous on I did alot of lip syncing videos and it was fun. I ended up gaining a ton on my instagram as well.
As I layed in bed one night my phone buzzed. I looked at it and saw my reminder to post. I posted a picture on instagram:

@// Sandra.lovesyou: love you all so much hope you know that. Tag someone I would look good with.

Almost immediately posting that my phone started buzzing. Everyone was saying guys like @// nashgrier or @// justinbieber. Then almost seconds later i got spammed with one particular name i didnt know. @// jackjackjohnson. I clicked on his page and he was gorgeous. Then I saw he was on You Now and told people to comment his name on my photo.
I logged into my You Now and saw him. Then i commented "i see what your doing"then he paused and looked at the comments.
"Oh crap guys she on here.. Hi sandra"he waved. He was a cutie yet a little bit of a fanboy. After watching him I went on twitter and followed him. Then he tweeted.
@// jackjackjohnson: @// itsmeSandra i see you .
After that he dmed me and asked me for my number. I texted him and we ended up talking for hours. Him hardly knowing anything about me and me hardly knowing anything about him is what he wanted. After 2 minutes of dming him i learned alot about him. Aperntly he found me hot and he wanted to talk.
I told him to meet me at starbucks and we 0eould talk there. When i opend the door I saw a blonde boy in the corner. Just as I noticed it wasnt him the guy pulled out a gun facing towards me. Then he pulled the trigger and the bullet was now in my stomach. I dropped in someones arms and looked up and saw an angel...

Sorry its short yall

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