imagine 26 Nate Maloley

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   So i got grounded from instagram. So if you follow @/ or @/ on instagram sorry guys. And go read our as in me and Em's vampire fanfic its bout to be gooooooddd.. Anyway continuing ~kaytlin


     *Nate's pov*

       Best friends since birth technically. Rachael Damon my friend that I hang oit with ever day. When we were little we made promises to never break any of our promises and one of our promises was that we would be friends no matter what. But i liked her, i mean she did have a nice booty. But everyday I go to school and see her with that douche named Tarin. She obviously likes him but he cared less about her so. But if he hurts her i will kill him.

      *Rachel's pov*

    Gish Tarin is hawt. I mean who wouldn't like him. It was after school and Tarin was taking me over to his place. When we got there he shoved me against the wall and attacked my neck.
    "Rachel you know you want to"
    "Yes, Tarin i do"
  He took us upstairs and layed us down and we you know did it.
    After that we both fell asleep. Then i wake up and get out of his room. When i left i heard something in the next room. I look and see Tarin on top of a girl, but not just any girl but he was with my best friend Laurena.
     I ran out of his house and fown the street towards Nate's house.

        *Nate's pov*

      When i got home from school I just sat and thought for a little then called Sammy so we could smoke. We smoked for like 20 minutes then he left to go see his girlfriend. I was sooooo high. So i just passed out on my couch.
      I woke up to a knock, i wasn't high anymore, it wore off. When I opened the door a beautiful yet broken girl was there. Rachel.
    "Hey hey hey are you okay"
    "He cheated on me while i was in the same house and with my friend"she said sobbing. I grabbed her and pulled her inside. I held her there in my arms for a minute. When she looked up at me, i decided to take the chance. I kissed her.
     She didn't push away. Thunder, fireworks, and butterflies flew out of me. We kissed for a long long time until she wanted to lay down. I grabbed her hand guiding her up to my room. I layed her down gently while laying next to her. I kissed her forehead and we both eent to sleep.

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