imagine 14 nate maloley

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"nate did you know you are actually a softie"i said to my boyfriend.

"well ella, if you didnt know most guys actually like cuddling'he said. I smiled into his chest knowing he was the one i loved. He skipped a day of digi for me because i was sick, he took a plane to LA just to see me for the new year when really he should have been with his family, and he never forgets anything about me. He was so cute, but we werent the real fancy go out to eat couple. We always went to the movies and ate in-and-out. I liked it like that, I wasnt a fancy girl and he wasnt a fancy guy. We have been on 2 actual fancy dates. Right now him and I were cuddling on the couch. We owned a apartment in LA with Sammy. My life was just great. But lately my mom has been getting sick, thats why tomorrow im going to stay with her for 2 weeks. Nate insisted to come with me but he has a meet & greet these next two weeks. I declined for him to come with me.

my mom lives in Texas so I was taking a plane. I told nate we would facetime and call whenever we had a chance, but honestly he doessnt need to worry, ill be fine, he needs to live a lil and go have fun. I had to pack, I was one of those who packed last minute and got ready at last minute. I eventually got done packing and went to bed in Nates arms.

*next day*

Nate was now dropping me off at the airport so i can head to Texas. "bye baby see you in 2 weeks, i left you my grey hoodie so you coud wear it to remember me"nate said, he was being so cheesy.

"i love you too baby, and dang your being cheesy"i said rolling my eyes. I walked into my gate and left for texas.

*in texas*

"hey mama"i said hugging and kissing my mom. She looked super super sick.

"hey ella"me madre said. She looked really bad. I felt really bad. "hey sweetie i havnt told you this, but uh i have breast cancer"my mom said. i paused looked at her tears swealing in my eyes. That day I spent all day talking to my mom and watching tv with her. Later at night nate called me.

'hey baby"he said.


"whats wrong"

"nat-nate my mom has breast cancer"

"omg ell are you okay"

"yes im fine, i think"

"what did the doctors say"

"well they said that it has fully spread and she will most likely be gone in months"

"babe i promise ill be over in 4 weeks, i promise"



(my tfios moment)

I hung up.

*4 weeks aka. 1 month*

Nate came out to Texas to come and support me. Right now him and i where sitting on the couch watching "the fosters". "nate maloley stop" i yelled because he was tickling me. I was laughing really hard i almost started crying. My mom was outside so while Nate was in the bathroom i went to see her. The doctors said that fresh air was good for her, but isnt that what they all say. I walked out and sat next to my mom on our lawn chairs. I held her hand in mine, her hands were cold, they always were.

"ella"she said her voice as soft as roses.

" yes mom"

" Nate is a keeper, he makes you happy and what makes you happy makes me happy, dont leave him just because you need closure after i die. He is the right one for you. Always has and always will. I can tell he loves you, because not even your father would have come out here if it were my mom. He is so sweet to you, and you need someone like him in your life. God has chosen him for you and we love him for that"she said to me. I immidiatly felt tears in my eyes. Dont we all just want our mom to tell us that she aproves. I was full on crying now. Tonight Nate was taking my mom and I to a fancy dinner, though i hated fancy dinners, he was doing this for my mom and it was sweet.

I got dressed for the dinner. We were headed Flemmings and my mom was riding in the back. We got seated at our table and started to eat. After dinner we were all laughing when Nate got up and knelt down was he really.

" Ella Hemmings wil you marry me, i know you hate fancy and all that but i did this for you right now infront of you and your mom. I wanted your mom to experience this all since you are her only child, i knew you would love it too"

"omg yes"i said out loud and everyone was staring. My mom started tearing up. I was now tearing up and Nate of course the hard head was smiling like a dork. I loved him, I loved this, I loved us.

*2 weeks later*

my mom has gotten sicker and sicker, and i cant help her. She was laying in her bed and i was next to her snuggling up to her. "Ella baby, I love you my beautiful girl"my mom said before she stopped breating.

"nnnnoooooooooooooooooooooo mom nooooooooo momma come back please" by the time i said that Nate rushed into the bedroom immediatly by my side holding me. He held me tight and i just stayed in his arms and i want to stay in his arms forever.

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