Imagine 49 Jack Gilinsky:

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*3 years from now*

I was in starbucks on my off day at work. I sat a table. A little boy came up to me. He was tan, maybe 3, brunette hair, and brown eyes. He sat on the other side of the booth. I dropped my book and looked at the smiling boy.
"Hi"he said smiling.
"Hi hun"i said.
"So uh my daddy hes in da bafroom and i ran away but you looked like a nice lady" he said.
"Well sweetie we should find your dad"i told him.
"I wanna talk to you though"he said and frowned.
"We can still talk after your dad gets here"i said. He smiled really big.
I grabbed his hand and we walked around. "JILLIAN" a man my age yelled. The lil boy ran out of my hands.
"DADDDDYYYY" he called out hugged the man. Wow hes young to be a parent. "This lady is great daddy she jelped me find you daddy im sorry i ran away i luv you daddy"the boy said as his father picked him up.
"Thank you so much ma'm, sorry i didnt get your name" the man said to me.
"Im Jasmine"i said.
"Hi im Jack Gilinsky"the man said. He shook my hand. Jillian pulled us to go to sit down. Jillian wanted to color so I gave him my notepad and a pen. He sat next to his dad and colored peacefully. After a while Jack and I started talking.
He told me he is 21 and he had Jillian when he was 18. The girl he got pregnant was Madison Beer and she ended up dieing giving birth. I felt bad for them. Like alot. He told me about his fast life in the fame and how him and his friend Jack J are really cool. I guess Jack and I could kinda relate.
When I was 17 i got pregnant and the baby was dead when I gave birth. I told Jack about that and he looked at me and he looked down. I know how he felt. After almost a hour of talking Jillian was starting to get tired.
" you should come over right now" jack said. I smiled and said sure. Jack picked up Jillian and Jillian fussed.
"Daddy i wanna have Jasmin hold me"Jillian said. Jack passed him to me and Jillian put his head in the crook of my neck and cuddled into me. He was the cutest. I felt Jack put his hand in the small of my back as he opend the door for us. I followed him to his car. Jillian was half asleep. I put him in his car seat and buckled him in.
"Thank you"jack said. I closed the door. "Just ride with us and we'll pick up your car later"he said. I got into his car and we drove oit to his house. On the way there Jillian was asleep. When we arrived. I got out and Jack grabbed Jillian. We went inside and Jack sat on the couch with Jillian falling asleep on him.
I sat next to them. Jack turned on the tv and we decided to watch a movie. Durning the middle of the movie Jillian moved over by me and sat on my lap cuddling into my neck. I felt his light snores and his cute hums. Jack looked at us and smiled. After the movie ended Jack turned off the tv and someone came into his house. He was blonde and had blue eyes.
"Hey bro so you want me to watch him"the boy said.
"Yeah JJ this is Jasmine and imma hang out with her for a lil bit"jack said.
"Okay cool"jack j said. I felt Jillian wake up but he was pretending to sleep. He smiled into my neck. His dad saw and Jack went to tickle him. Jillian started to filp out into laughter. I joined into the tickle fight and Jillian flipped. When we stopped he was out of breat and laughing. Jack just looked at Jillian and I. Oh gosh these two boys look so much alike. Jack J grabbed Jillian and Gilinsky lead me out the door. We walked along the side walk till we reach by the beach. Jack grabbed my hand and pulled me onto the sand. We ran down to the waves crashing on the shore.
"Ahhhh "i yelled as the cold water hit my feet. We walked along the shore then we talked alot. I felt like I know him, I know his whole life. When we were getting closer to his house I saw the orange ray in the sky.
It was darker and the waved reflected the orange ray. "Beautiful"i said.
"I was gonna say something cheesy like 'you know whats even more beautiful, the girl im staring at' but that wouldn't be true. I mean you are beautiful but in my eyes your the perfect girl. You are the first to not judge me because of my son and it feels great being with you."jack explained. I just blushed. I faced the orange ray and apread my arms. The wind was blowing through my hair. Then I felt somone grab my extended arm and pull me right into a kiss. I knew it was Jack. I just melted into the kiss and just absolutely enjoyed this moment.

A/n: omg this is sooooooo cute ahhhhhhhh im proud of myself...

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