imagine 25 Sam Wilkinson

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     Im sorry but isnt this picture like just flawless. Like omg my flippen water works doe. Im crying. Lord help me.

     Ava and Aden just woke up. Yes they were my kids. They are twins and both 2 years old. And yes I had them when I was eighteen, but I honestly dont regret it. Sam Wilkinson was their father. Him and I are planning on getting married soon. Although his mom doesn't like that fact that him and I are together.

     Once Sam's mom found out I was pregnant at 18 she despised me. She didn't fully despise me, she was happy I had her grandchildren but she hated the fact that Sam and i where both young. She is always saying that we should go and experience with other people, or we should just switch custody over Ava and Aden. I would never do that though.

     I love Sam way too much. He also thinks his mom is wrong and he tries to tell her but she wont stop. He loves his mom ALOT and I don't want to be the one that ruined a mother-son relationship. Maybe him and I should take a break til you know his mom actually starts liking me.

       Right now Ava, Aden, and I were waiting for Sam to get home. I was sitting on the couch while the two of them were playing on the car table. I hugged my knees in my chest and sat and thought on the couch. I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to give up on sam and I. We had kids, a house, a future, and we were gonna get married.

     While I was sitting there thinking Sam walked through the door. "Hey jenny baby"he said giving ne a kiss on the cheek. Then he went over to the kids "hey A&A daddy's home"he said. I watched as he sat next to me on the couch. He grabbed my leg and started to rub my leg trying to soothe me. "And what on your mind Love"he said looking at me.

   "Baby do you think your mom is right about you know, us"i scared at his reaction.

    " Jenny i dont know, sometimes I do think she right others which is like 95% of the time, I think she is wrong"he said.

   "Sam I have been thinking I dont wanna ruin your mom's relationship, plus maybe itll be good for us, and you know maybe we can get back together when your mom actually likes me"i said.

"Yeah jenny, you kniw what we should take a break" said and with that he wrnt up stairs to pack up his things. He came down stairs with a bag in his hand, tears both streaming in our eyes. He kissed the kids heads and left.

*2 weeks later*

    Sammy's mom insisted that she would pick up the kids so Sam and I didnt have to see each other. "Hey Jenny how are you" well if you really want to know im not eating, sleeping, or even smiling thanks to you. I thought of saying that but I didn't.

    "Im doing good Mrs. Wilkinson"i lied. She took the kids over to there dads and left me alone. I sat on the couch rolled in a ball that I could never get out of. These rmare the days I miss him. I miss feeling him next to me, touching ne, loving me. I sat there til i was interrupted when my mom walked through the door.

    "Hey sweetheart, guess who I just saw, Mrs. Wilkinson. She told me sammy wasn't eating, sleeping or moving. Man thats too bad yall broke up"she said.

   "Bull shit mom you wanted us to break up"

"It was only for your future"

"No mom it wasnt, it was for your happiness"

  "Well if your going to be a little ass i shouldn't have come over here"wuth that she left. I actually wanted my mom to leave. I love her to death but man she can be a little obnoxious.

     I wen back to what I was doing before and thought. Eventually it started raining. Rain was fun. I guess. But it was also sad. Whrn i was little i thought they were gods tears.

    -2 hours later-

    I was still where I was 2 hours ago. The doorbell rang. I got up off of the couch. I opened the door and suprise its sammy. He has bags under his eyes, he looks like he is in tears, and is soaked from the rain. Even when he is like this he still is flawless.

    He just looked at ne and kissed me, roughly. Like it was a long needed kiss. He pushed us in side and pushed me against the wall. His lip brushed my bottom lip and i opened my mouth a little, for him to enter. He explored every part of my mouth. We started to head upstairs into the bed room. He layed me down still kissing me. After that he layed down next to me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

   "Jenny i cant live without you, please kets not do this again"he said. I was facing him with his arms drapped around me.

   "Sammy i cant live without you either"i said. We stared at each other for what seemed like forever till we both drifted to sleep.


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